Problem with AzBoX (FTP / Record)

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    28. März 2009
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    Hi There,

    Sinds a week i have this Azbox, and overal i think its a nice box.


    If i enter the FTP menu on the AzBoX, there is no way to go out of it, and have to reboot the BoX.

    (New 80gb HD formatted in windows with ext3 partition) because format doesnt work on the AzBoX (6% and then freez)
    If i record a program, then there is no way to stop the record, and again i have to reboot the box.

    After the reboot the HD is not detected, and i have to "factory reset" the box.
    After a Factory reset the Box doesnt boot, so during booting i have to press "ok" button few times to go into "boot menu" from there i have to select "boot without update"

    Box is booting.

    Doing this will delete all channels an i have to rescan them again !!

    Connecting from PC to Box with FTP takes about 1.5 minutes before i see the folder structure, if i am connected then its fast ( folder browsing )

    Uploading files, or downloading, thaks again 1.5 minutes untill the transfer starts. < is this normal ?

    The box in the state it is like now ( 0.9.1621 ) is not very usefull.
    And really hope these bugs will be solved with future Firmware !!
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