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Dieses Thema im Forum "Q-Box HD" wurde erstellt von murati, 3. Oktober 2010.

  1. murati

    murati Super-Moderator Digital Eliteboard Team

    27. März 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    PlugIn: CrossEPG WORKING ON STONE 1.0.0

    [B]03/10/2010 6:00 AM
    [/B]Many thanks go to Mr. Sandro Cavazzoni for the support they have provided so that this plug-in, very important and necessary, have resumed work on our device sh4 Qbox Hd.
    Following my request in its repository can be found at:
    Which reached less than 24 hours ago, although not possessing the physical Qbox Hd, via a telnet session and a few hours of work and testing has led to a release (not without some minor bugs to be refined), which turns out to be, at least from the first test, fully compatible with that currently use the Stone Distribution.
    I have personally tested from various points of view and I assure you that this release is working.
    1) New Guinea intuitive graphical
    2) Automatic recognition of the medium in which to save the EPG data
    3) support XMLTV
    4) Support OpentTV
    5) Enable the user's choice of provider to be enabled to download
    6) Full compatibility with STONE DISTRIBUTION 1.0.0
    7) Compatibility with skin LT6HD, Infinity Modded By Ambrose
    8) Compatibility with emu cam Active
    9) Other
    Bugs found but currently being resolved:
    1) Following a complete restart of the receiver or the gui only, we do not receive the EPG beside the name of the channel.
    2) Download the tune slower than the previous 0.3.2, which we were accustomed to using on QBoxHD
    I did not understand if you need to patch E2 but those who want more information on this may apply directly to the reference site
    I believe we have made a big step forward for the compatibility of CrossEPG on our device.
    (Manual expecting a ad hoc)
    1) Using an FTP session with your decoder copied to the tmp folder the following file:
    2) Open Putty or a telnet session with your cable box and once logged in, type these commands
    cd / tmp [Enter]
    tar zxf enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-crossepg_0.5.9999-svn-108_sh4.tar.gz-C / [ENTER]
    Wait a few seconds to install
    and then type
    Reboot [ENTER]
    You have now installed the CrossEPG.
    Now you can configure the remote control to your liking:
    1) menu
    2) Setup menu
    3) plugin
    4) CrossEPG (panel configuration CrossEPG)
    5) configure
    6) storage device (I prefer to keep data on internalflash)
    7) Allow import Csv NO
    8) EPG Force on IT Boot
    9) Download tune on NO
    10) Scheduled Download DISABLED
    11) To show how plugins
    12) To show how extension is
    Providers menu, select Open TV OpenTV and Sky Italy enabled with the green button
    You can choose to download it directly from here with the yellow button, or go back
    Move on download now and wait for the download of EPG complete.
    You can also download 's of your interest directly from the EPG menu plugin
    selecting CrossEPG downloader
    or blue button on your remote and select CrossEPG downloader.
    All Here. Enjoy
    I remind you all that Mr. Cavazzoni person was extremely available to adapt to our CrossEPG QBoxHD in a late Saturday.
    That your site is related to this address
    and bug reports are welcome (well known ones)
    Good vision and planning


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