Original Wela Firmware V2.52

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    19. Juli 2008
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    V2.52 2009-4-24
    1.Fixed the bug of unicable
    2.make some change about double channels.

    V2.51 2009-4-23
    1.new default channel list.

    V2.50 2009-4-10
    1. new default channel list
    2. modify some translation
    3. Manual unicable Center Frequence.

    V2.48 2009-4-2
    1.Make some change about timer record from standby.
    2.Change one word translation in Timer Menu
    3.Fixed the bug of can not add Satellite of West angle.
    4.Fixed the bug of osd display in Motor System menu.
    5.Fixed the bug of german character display in teletext

    V2.47 2009-3-12
    1.Fixed the bug on Epg detail of infobar
    2.Fixed the bug of russian & swedish language
    3.Fixed some translation in epg osd.
    4.Delete OTA in installation menu.
    V2.46 2009-2-6
    1.Open mp3 function.

    V2.45 2009-2-6
    1.Made some change about usb device when wakeup from std.by

    V2.44 2009-1-19
    1.fixed the bugs of fav.

    V2.43 2008-12-15
    1.Make change about timer record.
    2.Fixed bug of press info key and then switch channel.
    3.Fixed bug of scrolling epg.
    4.Fixed the bug of teletext after thimeshift
    5.Make Color helps as the RED,GREEN,YELLOW,BLUE
    6.Add option of does need question of "View this and Record another" when press [REC] key
    Main Menu -> System Setting -> System.
    7.Add unicableA unicable B and unicable(10200) option

    V1.84 2008-1-24
    1.Fixed the bug of teletext
    2.Fixed bug of raps manual update
    3.when make factory default, need to input password.

    V1.85 2008-1-25
    1.move the txt position more right
    2.delete the information of "no raps data avaible" when start up.
    3.delete FTA/CAS Button in Channel list.
    4.When press ok button twice in channel list, exit channel list menu.
    5.Fixed bug of Turkey Fav channel display in change list when making raps update.

    V1.86 2008-1-26
    1.modified the bug of switch channel by input channel number when in radio mode
    2.Change the channel number display in Fav channel list.
    3.Made some change about epg not work problem

    V1.87 2008-1-30
    1.Fixed the bug of subtitle in TV5 mongo Europe
    2.Change the move method same as mx04.

    V1.92 2008-2-27
    1.fixed the bug of same timer.
    2.add time set before record.

    V1.93 2007-3-4
    1.change the default output mode as 4:3 letterbox
    2.change the default video parameters.
    3.Fixed some bug of timer record.

    V1.96 2008-3-14

    2. Fixed the SECAM Problem

    3. Update TOOL(V4.16)
    3.1 -- To Fixed Upload key/Download keys bugs
    3.2 -- Support Fast Upload Channel List

    4. Change Start-up/Radio Logo
    Note: It will replace the default logo.
    4.1 -- Update TOOL(V4.16) - FTA version from PC.
    support JPG/BMP
    4.2 -- Capture Pause Picture as Start-up/Radio Logo
    1) Press "PAUSE" to pause the picture
    2) Press "PAUSE" again, it will pop-up a menu to ask if save as the picture
    a) Start-up Logo
    b) Radio Logo
    c) Cancel
    Select a or b and wait some seconds for the converting.
    4.3 -- Convert BMP/JPEG via USB as Start-up/Radio Logo
    1) Play BMP/JPEG via USB
    2) Press F1 to save it as Start-up Logo or Radio Logo

    5. Timer
    5.1 -- Fixed Sleep Time problem
    5.2 -- Fixed Event Timer problem

    6. NTFS fixed some bugs

    7. Fixed 16:9-->4:3 video quality problem.

    8. Big Scale and BIP sound to help install the new dish
    Antenna Setting-->F1 Key

    9. Games's Emulator (G-Boy, extension (.gb, .gbc)
    Play Game keys:
    2) F1/F2/F3
    3) OK/EXIT
    4) AUDIO

    2.Fixed bug of can input month more than 12 when setup timer.
    3.Fixed bug of Timer record radio channels.
    4.Save 0V setting LNB power
    5.Add pause key exit save logo menu.
    6.Fixed bug of wrong day display when setup a timr not for today.
    7.modify max event timer from 8 to 32
    8.change the show icon when playing a video.now a green arrow.
    9.add the function of set recoder duration when record,default is 2hour. press [REC] key when recording, you can get that dialog, in this dialog you also can set if will power off(standby) when finish recording.
    10.when press [REC] key twice quickly ,can immediatly record current channel, if only press one time ,will show the question of ask record current channel.
    11.Fixed bug of play locked radio channel need to enter the password twice.

    2.set summer time default on.

    Fixed the bug of no video at biz-tv

    1.Fixed some bug about timer.

    1.Fixed the bug of timer during midnight.
    2.turn off the power supply for usb harddisk when standby.
    3.make some change about the filename .
    4.make F7 key as Event timer function.and then move the video parameter setting menu to key digit 0.

    1.add ahead on and delay off option for timer, mainmenu->timer adjust->timer setup.
    2.made some change about timer active.

    1.made some change about wrong file name bug,
    2.you can enter main menu->system setting->timer adjust->Timer setup menu to set the timer ahead on time and tiemr delay off time.it can be set from 0 to 10 minute.
    3.Fixed the problem of when the timer when actived from same channel.
    4.Change some new translations.
    5.have tested the FAV problem, not found.
    6.made new default channel list.

    1.fixed the bug of rec key not work when record after make timer record
    2.add one message to inform user when user set the duration shorter then the recording file.
    3.fixed some translation
    4.channel name not right when edit timer.
    5.fixed some bug about timer.

    V2.33 2008.06.11
    1.made some change about txt problem after record.
    2.fixed the bug of delete same start time different day when set timer in epg.
    3.made the forward and slowly.
    4.fixed the bug of record icon show when in pip record.
    5.add new function of partition manager.the detail is usb menu->tools->partition manager.
    6.add record file name display when in pip record.
    7.made some change about down database from usb and standby.

    1.update the tp list of EutelsatW2(16E).
    2.Change the volumn bar adjust.
    3.fixed the bug of radio fav problem.

    made some change about special lnb.

    made some change about special lnb.

    1.fixed unicable function
    2.fixed the bug of teletext page199 of Das Erste.

    1.Fixed bug of radio timer.

    1.Fixed the bug of double channels.
    2.Add the question of continue record when there was one timer event in 30 minutes.
    3.First direct recording ,make the duration 99hours, and not switch off when finish recording.if you want to change the setting ,need to press [REC] key.
    4.about the 4GB problem, i have checked in our side , it can works well ,pls check if the disk was full or the duration was end ,then make the recording stopped.

    V2.41 2008-10-28
    1.Ca function

    viel spass beim testen
    euer ORGI 69
    Smart support Team:smoke:
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    19. Juli 2008
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    AW: Original Wela Firmware V2.52


    gruss ORGI69
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    AW: Original Wela Firmware V2.52

    Deswegen schreibe ich es....
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    7. Mai 2009
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    AW: Original Wela Firmware V2.52

    Aber dafür hat die Originale Version RAPS:ja Läuft beim MX40 einwandfrei in Kombination mit FAVs. Nur zu empfehlen.
    Orgi69 gefällt das.
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    AW: Original Wela Firmware V2.52

    Aber immer noch OHNE Cardreader...hihi

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