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Nokia 5800 XTE v3.0 Xtreme Engineering

Dieses Thema im Forum "CFW Nokia 5800" wurde erstellt von Raven, 9. April 2010.

  1. Raven

    Raven Elite Lord

    28. Juli 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    XTE v3.0 Lite Xtreme Engineering 3.0 (Ultra Lite Framework)

    Grundlage ist die FW Euro Navi 2.

    Bislang ist diese CFW leider auch nur in Englisch.

    XTE v3.0 Lite - Xtreme Engineering 3.0 (Ultra Lite Framework)
    After the heavy XTE v2.0, the XTE Series features a lite version in the form of XTE 3.0.
    It is kept very simple and lite without any pre-installed applications!

    Features of XTE 3.0
    #Greatly Improved System Stability
    #100% Bug Free release
    #Excellent RAM Handling capabilities
    #Lite version to boost up system speed

    I. Internal:

    1. New Optimized Kinetic Scrolling Speed
    2. Super fast System Startup
    3. Greatly increased browser cache, moved to MMC
    4. Improved Camera Quality
    5. Silent Camera Snap (Put in silent when capture)
    6. Changed Default theme (changed to Strips RED)
    7. Optmized System Memory Heap Size and decreases Application Delay and Close Time
    8. Disabled widgets security warnings
    9. Filtered startup resources
    10. Disabled automatic SMS sending to Nokia
    11. Disabled Lock Unlock vibration
    12. Very Optimized system cache on MMC
    13. Changed open applications dialog
    14. Disabled keypad and xpressmusic button lights
    15. New modified startup and shutdown images*
    13. Bluetooth name changed (to XTE Engine 3.0)
    14. Disabled background apps startup for better RAM
    15. Startup sound increased
    16. Lightning fast screen rotation
    17. Music Player only searching E:\sounds\My Music
    18. Many Homescreens*
    19. Many Patches Added
    20. Refined Xtreme Menu layout added
    21. Quick access to settings applications (like themes, conn mgr, profiles) on ,menu
    22. Improved Application runtime frame rates and Gaming performance
    23. Option to landscape browser even on sensors turned off
    24. More options in sensor settings
    25. Ram cache upgraded
    26. Camera now dosent eat RAM after it is closed
    27. 3 icons removed from homescreens due to bad effect
    28. Super fast screen rotation
    29. Optimised All Drive Cache
    30. Many Rom Patcher Patches added
    31. Autocreation of cache folders in E:\
    32. Default ringtone changed to a "Numb" from "Linklin Park"
    33. Default Message tone changed
    34. English only version
    35. Disabled ovi contacts
    36. Super Xtreme Free Space on C:\ (Get 80MB free) will notice few system improvements in this lite version!
    XTE 3.0 Specials:
    > This version is kept lite. It can be used as a skeleton for further modifying.
    > Add any applications to your liking. This version is open for customizations.
    > Only system modifications are done to boost up system performance!!!
    > There are no pre-installed applications (Except ROMPatcher+ and File Browser)
    > Contains just one theme (Just Black)

    IV. Rom Patcher Patches
    1. 1Starter.rmp
    2. 2themes.rmp
    3. Block GPRS & WLAN.rmp
    4. Bluetooth Locker.rmp
    5. c2z4bin THUMB.rmp
    6. c2z (1.1).rmp
    7. Call log.rmp
    8. Deny New Installation.rmp
    9. DisableEnhNote.rmp
    10. Disable Logs.rmp
    11. Disable USSD Notes.rmp
    12. Global Note Fix.rmp
    13. Hide menu.rmp
    14. Install Server RP+.rmp*
    15. KastorUI.rmp
    16. LCD Light ON.rmp
    17. LCD OFF Charge Complete.rmp
    18. No Blank Password.rmp
    19. No Profile SwitchNote.rmp
    20. Open4All RP+.rmp*
    21. Remove Record Tone.rmp
    22. Remove red LED ON 5800.rmp
    23. Reset On Power Long Press.rmp
    24. Settings Deactivate.rmp
    25. Short Multi Tap for 5800.rmp
    26. USB Data Disable.rmp
    V. Results that you will get:
    1. This Lite version is built for performance and stability
    2. Many changes and hence many improvements
    3. Super Optimized for better RAM handling
    4. System libraries load optimized so better performance
    5. 70MB RAM at startup (Average 62MB, use RAM blow)
    6. Few changes in Application RAM caching that will prevent your phone from slowing down after heavy using!!
    7. Applications will run faster because of some system modifications
    8. Skeleton framework that will keep the system running smoothly
    After flash open Z:\system with file browser
    You will get cool wallpapers in Z:\system\Wallpapers-XTE
    You will get Opera Mini 5 on Z:\system\Copyright
    Flash both rofs2 and rofs3 files. Rename the files to the names of your firmware files if the names do not match
    Enjoy the firmware.

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 9. April 2010
  2. Raven

    Raven Elite Lord

    28. Juli 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    AW: Nokia 5800 XTE v3.0 Xtreme Engineering

    Hier nun die deutsche Version.. der CFW 5800 XTE v3.0


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