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    Kompatibel mit iPad. Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer.


    *** SELECTED AS New and Noteworthy, Staff Favourites, What's Hot IN 5 MARKETS ***

    This game will fascinate players as young as 2, and help them improve dexterity, color recognition, memory, and imagination and creativity, all while having fun.

    *** Read positive review on AppAdvice.com:

    *** Video review from Gary James http://vimeo.com/21184835

    *** "Not only did I give it 5 stars it is now something my son and I play daily", by Lisa Caplan (sahgeekmom.com)

    *** "The app is great for kids of all ages - I am really excited about it so I recommend it to 60 years old kids too! Anybody who wants to have a great time playing Mosaic is my guest - it's a great family game too, you can create custom cards for your children or let them invent their own." (http://kids-apps.mobi/mosaichd/)

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    The game has a number of small and big cards, or “boards” with patterns based on a grid, and a bank of pins which are used to complete the board. The patterns are made of colored circles, and the object is to place identically-colored “pins” from the bank on those circles by touching the pin of the correct color and then touching the grid location where they want it. It requires very simple motor skills, yet engages the mind and the brain in several ways.

    It can be played by several people at once, and has the following features:

    ★ A “simple mode” for smaller children, featuring bigger pins and a smaller board (9x9 grid) and easier games, and

    ★ A “regular mode” for older players featuring smaller pins and more complex patterns (or games) on a 18x18 grid.

    ★ Each mode features a number of boards, or cards, as well as free-form drawing using the pins.

    ★ Automatic saving of completed cards, with the ability to delete them.

    ★ You could buy this game for your toddler and they would want to play it for years. It is easy to learn yet hard to grow tired of.

    ★ Easy posting to their (or your) Facebook account, and the ability to send a posting of the results by an email account.

    ★ The game claps and cheers the player when they complete a card correctly, giving them positive feedback.

    ★ An easy-to-use Help key which shows the correct pattern on the game board (this game is so intuitive that it doesn't need any other help functions or instructions).

    ★ Intuitive pin positioning – your finger does not have to put the pin exactly on the grid. Your finger can be a little off and the pin will “go” to the correct place. So if you, for example, are trying to put a red pin to a red cell but do not place it exactly at the red cell the program will adjust your action and the pin will placed in the red cell but not if you placed a red pin on a yellow hole. Just right for toddlers still developing motor skills or for those whose vision or motor skills are impaired.

    New in version 1.1:
    * Ability to create and then re-play own cards (pictures) from the gallery - now you can save cards and re-play them later with your kids;
    * Share your cards with your friends and the community via Public Gallery;
    * Browse hundreds of new cards every day in the Public Gallery;
    * Select, rate and play cards from the Public Gallery - endless source of community-generated content!

    Bright Colors game series (c) 2011 www.PopAppFactory.com and www.Visualizers.com.ua


    Version: 1.2.4
    Größe: 64 MB

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