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    LiveFootBall Plugin 3.3

    -This update include soccer broadcasting satellite channels from liveonsat site also ability to zap directely to satellite channel from the plugin
    the code of this function reused from the fantastic thewebsiteparser plugin coded by Sharkadder
    -the Sharkadder code modified externally for livefootball environment
    -added support for sd skins which lack in original code of the websiteparser
    -limit the the tables to today broadcasting satellite channels(less time for downloading images)
    -also user can limit the table for only one league through today live soccers screen

    livefootball 3.3 just released and i feel by this update my mission with this plugin is completed
    now the plugin considered the most extensive enigma2 soccer plugin
    livefootball is considered on tv screen reference for any soccer lover
    user can browse any schedules,stats,players scores,leagues scores for any league even minor ones in small countries
    also the plugin contains satellite direct feeds,soccer news and many options
    plugin also has beautiful design with concentration on graphic part which usually ignored by classic and most current plugins
    also i have to admit that part of code of livefootball based on good works of Sharkadder(thewebsiteparser) and COoLoSER(livescores enigma2),thanks for both and thanks for feedback and encourgement from all members

    available for direct download and installation through all TSpanel servers
    also through update button from previous versions

    Thx mfaraj57

    kirzeg und mr.strauss gefällt das.

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