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Infos Important news for all

Dieses Thema im Forum "Gigablue Receiver News" wurde erstellt von Daconi, 25. August 2013.

  1. Daconi

    Daconi Newbie

    13. September 2010
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Here for all our dear colleagues,community and members of giga, I want to speak as I promised before 10 days(in theme which are delewted by admin kajgan) about promises gige representatives for continued cooperation.
    None of it, I am tricked by them. For all this time I sent to main gigablue person from impex (with him I made basic agreement before 5 mounths and finalisation before 10 days) but no any response from them. His word gave to me is lie,we see it now,but it is his "honor and moral " !
    Unfortunately proved to be a classic dilettantes and frauds.
    For over a year I anoint my eyes with stories and promises of support but it is never happened. They want all work for nothing to receive !
    I worked for them at no cost during this time,all users love my work,my skins and other graphics and I deserve a professional behavior and correct manner, but it haven't from Gigablue.
    There is a total unprofessional, deceiving and scams the people who work for them and also users in community .
    I waited too long and suffered, by them I just got released and when the promise was to be fulfilled - a silence for months and final in last 10 days which we have agreement on desk. Nothing !
    Well, I do not want that any of them make me fool !
    Last more then year they are using my graphics (skin projects, banners, bootologos, flyers, websites presentation, sale presentation,brochure ...) and collect a profit on it and me thirsty transferred across the water! Now that will not be able to, I will all present to the public and will be on all strongest EU satellite TV forums presented with all the evidence! All need to know and read who are "people" which present giga blue.
    My lawyer will soon file a lawsuit against the company giga blue,Impex-sat as a general agent and distributor for abuse of my work and the collection of profits illegally. Also they have illegal emulators and cardserver on their addons (all is recorded) and I will lawsuit for that too. The level of damages who I seek will be 30 000e. When I get it, I'll help orphaned children, to show the community that I'm not doing this for the money but for pride and principle!
    When they would not like people to cooperate and give mutual support but they know to rob my work a year for free, then this will through the courts.
    About damage for brend Gigablue and sat-impex company they will experience and all of them need to think about it...

    FOR THE END: also you can see my status and how they took off , the admins , developers over to ordinary members and now will ban me .It is their democracy !

    P.S. the same message everyone can be found at most forums, like this things canceled


    Zuletzt von einem Moderator bearbeitet: 25. August 2013
  2. Matlock

    Matlock MFC Digital Eliteboard Team

    18. Februar 2009
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    Schubkarren Beifahrer
    AW: Important news for all


    Unfortunately, we can not project our forum for your support, this is a matter between you two.

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