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Anfragen Maps Goodbye! -Becker/Falk

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2. November 2014
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Goodbye! -Becker/Falk

Dear Becker/Falk user,
As you may or may not already know, insolvency proceedings were opened in April 2017 regarding the assets of United Navigation GmbH, the manufacturer of your Becker or Falk device. Meanwhile United Navigation has ceased its operations, and the company is currently winding up its affairs.
Since you are our valued customer, we would like to assure you that we at NNG Llc, the developer and provider of Content Manager will continue to support your device with the latest available maps, as per our agreement with United Navigation.
How will the above affect you?
o If you have recently purchased a Becker or Falk device and you are within 30 days of its first use, you are eligible to activate a free map update and download the most recent map available for your device until the 29th of March 2018.

o If you are an already existing user with an activated free map update, you now have the possibility to download the recently released map until the 29th of March 2018.
After this date no further free updates will be available for download in Content Manager.

We highly recommend that you update until the 29th of March 2018 using Content Manager if you are entitled for a free map update.
o We will continue releasing updates up to four times a year, just as we have done until now, granting you the possibility to download the latest available navigation content. Map updates will be available for purchase in Content Manager at any time, until further notice.
We hope that by continuing to provide you with the opportunity to update and continue using your navigation device, we can help you avoid any inconvenience.
Best regards,
Content Manager® Support
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