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Fausto v1.40 (23/10/2009)


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27. Januar 2008
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Fausto v1,40
©MASARE Team-Saoud007
©FullDump TM
Special thanks to s62,Snakie,Bordan,Rekordc & KarraKarra


Installation: not needed to uninstall previous version, just run Fausto V1.XX setup.exe

Fausto Emulator compatibilities:
*XML file to be compatible with Fausto Emulator MUST include cryptoworks Cardkey (06)
This keys used in internal by diablo cam emu
If the CardKey (06) not include you'll can't decode cryptoworks with Fausto Emulator
CardKey (06) added on Keys.bin has no effect under diablo cam emulator
*Include Betacrypt Tuneled Nagra 2 Providers
*Include ECM IV & ECM Seed keys under Irdeto2 Coding System

CS Cards server supported:
Newcamd (TCP) & EMM Support
RadeGast (TCP)
Camd35 (UDP cs357x)
Camd35 (TCP cs378x)
Camd33 (TCP)

CS Client protocol supported:
CCCam (TCP) tested with CCCam_2.1.1/CCCam_2.1.2
Newcamd (TCP) tested with NewCS 1.60 & MPCS-0.9d card server
RadeGast (TCP) tested with NewCS 1.60 & MPCS-0.9d card server
Camd35 (UDP cs357x) tested with camd3 v3.865 & MPCS-0.9d card server
Camd35 (TCP cs378x) tested with camd3 v3.865 & MPCS-0.9d card server
Camd33 (TCP) tested with MPCS-0.9d card server
Default LocalHost servers loaded auto
Server type auto detected

ECM Cache:
ONLY avalaible for diablo Wireless, cause several cams cam be connected under FE at same time
Apply under emulator/cards support/cards sharing
Give possibilities to make home sharing with emulator/cards support/cards sharing
How to synchronize wireless cams
1.Insert one cam
2.Run emulator
3.Optionally connect to server or to official card
4.After first ecm decoding (cf blue datas on tab MONITOR) insert second cam
First ecm from cam 1 will be decoded by server or card progger, same ecm from cam 2 will use ecm cache

Flash information:
Fausto just get a kid, will be introduced to you on next weeks.
Stay tunned, FeKid will come soon...

Version 1.40 (23/10/2009)- Emulator

*Card Client:
- Settings file created auto if not exist (FaustoClients.cfg created from FaustoClients Example.cfg)
- Modified behaviour of log on file (report to file FaustoClients Example.cfg for changes)
CCCam: Code modified now will work better
CCcam: SID/CHID Filter somes problems solved
CCCam: Added Ignore Node Option (report to INODE syntax on file FaustoClients Example.cfg)
CCCam: Added Ignore Caid/Prids/Node option (report to ICPN syntax on file FaustoClients Example.cfg)
CCCam: Added Priority Node Option (report to PNODE syntax on file FaustoClients Example.cfg)
CCCam: Save CCCam server Informations to file

*Card Server:
- Settings file created auto if not exist (FaustoServers.cfg ceated from FaustoServers Example.cfg)
- Made somes changes on code, works better
- Modified behaviour of log on file (report to file FaustoServers Example.cfg for changes)
- Fixed problem with CHID filter

*Season Interface:
- Emulation Irdeto: Fixed problem with Irdeto2 ecm parsing
- All emulation: added inverse ECM header option under popup menu AFTER connection, now can get all benefit of cs cache
- Added default SID Value on file FESettings.ini, if not set somes package not decoded under cs (depend on server settings)

*Card Support:
- Fixed EMM update for irdeto card
- Log Traffic now set directly on file
Default File Name is Fausto Card Log.txt, datas saved on Fausto Folder
To Log Traffic, option must be enabled (press mouse right clic under Tab Cards, tick option Log Traffic)
Now Debug log is not necessary

*DVB Plugins:
Code modified

Special Thanks to:
All guys for language files & translation:
MagicTrance, superseeder, sYgNaL, mcolaciuri, Seti72, Alaancee, Jogo1967, GarField57, Claudio_LDN, S62, Professor Moriarty, Twister, Stauffie, Anunaki.