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    EagleEyesHD Plus
    Kategorie: Wirtschaft
    Aktualisiert: 02.04.2013
    Größe: 4.2 MB
    Sprachen: Chinesisch, Englisch
    Entwickler: Avtech
    © 2013 AVTEH Inc.
    Voraussetzungen: Kompatibel mit iPad. Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer.

    AVTECH EagleEyes HD, especially designed for iPad, is a free application for all valued customer of AVTECH Corporation only. It turns your iPad as a mini central management system, allowing users to control up to 4 (Plus version support 16 Device) AVTECH network DVRs or IP cameras on one interface remotely. All function control can be done by simply a touch or a slide. What's more, HD video quality is presented to offer clear and sharp image details.

    What can you expect to upgrade EagleEyesHD Lite to EagleEyesHD Plus?
    1. 200 IP addresses (instead of 4) are supported for "Addressbook".
    2. Support 16 devices on one interface remotely.
    3. "Time Search" is available in the event list to specify the time range and search to play the video data. And it is optimized by dragging the timeline with a display screen to accelerate the search
    4. By above functions, you could store multi-channel stream and playback it in backup list(maximum 4 channel)

    Function description:
    1. Real-time live video streaming remote monitor IP-Camera and DVR Device(AVTECH product only)
    2. Support DVR single, Multi-channel monitor switching
    3. Support TCP-IP protocol
    4. Auto Re-login function after disconnect
    5. Support video type such as: MPEG4, H.264 for DVR/IPCAM
    6. Support PTZ Control(Normal/Pelco-D/Pelco-P)
    7. Display Video loss/Cover channel
    8. Support Push Notification
    9. Dynamic resolution switching between cut views(minimum size) and full-screen(user set size)
    10. Support maximum 200 addressbook account
    11. Support maximum 16 devices on one interface remotely

    Touch panel function description:
    1. One touch to switch channel
    2. One touch to control PTZ Hotpoint
    3. Double click to max zoom in/out
    4. Two finger pinch to PTZ zoom in/out

    Version Update Details:
    1. Update the search function of video playback page, drag the timeline with a display screen to accelerate the search(plus only)
    2. By above functions, you could store multi-channel stream and playback it in backup list(maximum 4 channel and plus only)
    3. Update animation and operational processes of the playback main page, providing list page and video playback side-by-side on the screen for easy viewing
    4. The new UI layout
    5. Reduce video delay in live multi-machine connection
    6. Reduce amount of memory usage to make the system more stable
    7. Supports all NVR models connection
    8. For some IPCAM models to support the IR intensity, focus assist, and e-control function
    9. Provide a setting to control the time range of video playback
    10. Solve the version feedback issues

    About AVTECH Corporation:
    To provide the most competitive products is the best accomplishment AVTECH Corporation achieved these years, it also enabled AVTECH Corporation to be the winner in the market.
    AVTECH Corporation will continue to combine the distribution experience of semiconductor component and the leading supplier advantages of security surveillance.
    With these advantages, AVTECH Corporation insist its technology developing and keep promoting its digitalization, integration, and networking products, AVTECH will provide worldwide customers the best price, best functions, and best service.


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