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Gelöst Crack becker Ready43Talk ?

Dieses Thema im Forum "Softwaresupport Becker 43/45" wurde erstellt von jbnl, 5. Juni 2011.

  1. jbnl

    jbnl Ist gelegentlich hier

    3. Juni 2010
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    Hi there,

    I want to run the becker ready on resolution 320x240.
    How can i change the resolution of the data.zip of the becker ready ?
    Is there a resolution editor/changer for that ?

    Hi there,

    I want to run this system from the SD of a Becker 7977/Z200.
    This unit has Bluetooth, will this work or not ?
    And can i also use TMCpro ?

    BT is working on a 7977.

    Hi there,

    How to crack Becker ready43Talk iGO8.exe ?
    Maybe someone can do that ?
    I have the exe file.
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  2. phantom

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  3. Goldibear

    Goldibear Chef Mod Digital Eliteboard Team

    6. Juli 2008
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    System und Netzwerkadministrator
    AW: Crack becker Ready43Talk ?

    Hello jbnl,

    You already have seen today have multiple post again opened, but unfortunately it does not seem the same in all the forums to post because we are dealing with a Becker device and therefore you should also Becker items.

    Now times to your problem.
    Look in your service thread

    Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder!!! Jetzt kostenlos Registrieren ?

    there you will find the TALK cracked versions, one You might want to try this Versionnen times, because they are adjusted to Becker.

    The versions of Thanks in the forum or Igo Igo Primo 1.2 are adapted to the device from Mio, where the BT was turned off because the Mio does not support BT.
    The versions of Becker which I have called you up but in the thread already.

    The dissolution can I help you, unfortunately not, there is as yet no DATA.ZIP with this resolution 320X240, so it is no solution for the moment.

    There is in this download thread a DATA.ZIP for this resolution, but this was only tested Z302 and I'm not sure whether you can use for the talk that you could do for free, if you trying this and it should work, give me an info so I can then tell the other users have had the same problem, but this by far niemenden a response.

    Even the info for you, you can not use anything from the version iGO-Primo 1.2, sometimes it is already but not everything is 100%.
    login1111 und richi12345 gefällt das.

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