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    wie kann ich cccam und oscam zusammen zum laufen bringen

    das image ist :
    CUBEREVO IPBOX mod PKT "Gold" - flash versiyon

    Mod Pts svn 457 - "Gold", is based on the image Tideglo 1.0.0 rev. The main changes since the last version of Flash

    - New EmuManager 1.0.2 - add support vizacam and gbox
    - Optimization and acceleration of InfoCenterPKT
    - Added SkinSetup
    - Added plugin POINT Channel Controle - including Set individual volume controls for each channel
    - Added plugin KeyMapper - can personalize the color keys, support for long / short press
    - Fix DVD Player - DVD watching is no longer threatens to boot
    - Fixes and cosmetic skin (eg infobar dimmer, display the HDD temperature infobar - default OFF)
    - Added skin GoldHD
    - Added plugin ScreenSaver
    - Automatic mapping Picon, if there is a folder / hdd / Picons
    - Fix detection satellite name for item 9E when the list of satellites is also the position 39E
    - Added ability to edit the recording options menu Paths HDD
    - Update Picon
    - Updated list of channels
    - Amendments EmuCamInfo
    - The permanent inclusion of the time 24 / VFD - because it was different from
    - Fixed output from TeleText'u (Teletext)
    - Other fixes performance and code optimization

    [KeyMapper - comments]
    Red -> Default, Media Player, Media Center, Permanent Clock, Channel Control, Disabled
    Green -> Aspect Ratio, Screen Saver, Channel Control, Disabled
    Yellow -> Plugin Browser, Emu Manager, Skin Setup, Disabled
    Blue -> Blue Pane, Emu Manager, Skin Setup, Disabled

    Each key can be assigned a separate action for the shares short / long press.

    [Controle Channel]
    Setting the call in KeyMapper by pressing red or green - depending on your preference.
    However, this version is pretty early, so not everything works including inability to set individual values ​​of Aspect Ratio for the channel.

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