CCcam/NewCS Config Creator v0.5.4

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  1. bellof

    bellof Elite Lord

    4. August 2011
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    Für alle diejenigen die es immer noch nicht verstanden haben,wie man Newcs mit CCcam verbindet ist diese Tool genau das richtige!!!!!

    For those having problems with writing their own newcs & cccam configs, this little beauty asks the questions and fills in the blanks, tested and working 100%.

    It's here at last. This is a complete rewrite of the NewCS & CCcam Config Creator.

    Now in v0.5.4 the GUI has undergone many changes again but hopefully for the better. I decided to release now because it seems a lot of people are still asking how to setup NewCS.

    In this release I have disabled 'Advanced Mode' as the completion of that code was at least a month away but I thought it was a good time to help people out who just want a simple working setup.

    Basic functions are as follows :-

    1. Selectable Preset For NewCS.
    In this release available presets are:-
    a. Standard Config.
    b. Sly UK Config.

    2. Built in *** Box Key Generator.
    3. Select Your Dreambox Model.
    4. Built in FTP capability to send your created config files to the correct folders on your Dreambox.
    5. Capability to create newcs.xml and CCcam.cfg seperatley.

    The NewCS / CCcam Config Creator is .NET Framework compliant and is supplied as a standard MSI installer. This will ensure full compatibility with XP and Vista / 7.

    Enjoy the release and please let me know your thoughts and bug reports.
    Remember, this is still beta code, I need 'YOU' to help develop it.

    THX B16MCC


Status des Themas:
Es sind keine weiteren Antworten möglich.

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