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Angebot Software [ANDROID] CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.1.0.234

Dieses Thema im Forum "Andere" wurde erstellt von Titanic52, 10. März 2012.

  1. Titanic52

    Titanic52 <span style="font-weight: bold; color:navy">Upload Supporter

    20. Juli 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    [ANDROID] CoPilot Live Premium Europe v9.1.0.234

    CoPilot Live Premium Europe v
    Requirements: Android 1.6+

    Overview: Navigate throughout Europe without roaming charges - get yourself a CoPilot!
    Now updated with the latest digital street maps and new exciting features.


    Now There's a Better Way to Navigate.
    CoPilot Live Premium is the essential voice-guided sat nav app to get you where you need to go, by the way that suits you best.

    Detailed street maps of Western and Eastern Europe are stored on-board your Android phone or tablet (download your maps via WiFi after installation) so you don’t need to rely on your mobile connection for navigation.

    ■ The Best Route for You CoPilot Live Premium puts you in control, with a choice of routes to your destination. Think you know better than CoPilot? Simply drag your route or destination to a different street for the ultimate in personal navigation.

    ■ Tap, Discover, Go! Tap on the map to go there, discover more information or share the location with friends via Facebook Places check-ins or Twitter. Search Wikipedia or Bing directly from CoPilot and find all the local places you need.

    ■ ActiveTraffic CoPilot’s optional ActiveTraffic service uses real-time traffic conditions to intelligently calculate the fastest route to your destination and automatically avoid delays.

    All the navigation features you need, when you need them:
    ✔ Turn-by-turn directions door to door
    ✔ Text-to-Speech (TTS) voice guidance with full street names
    ✔ Easy to use, intuitive user interface and controls
    ✔ Alternate Routes: choose from up to 3 ways to your destination
    ✔ Drag the route or destination to fine-tune your itinerary
    ✔ Clear, non-distracting 3D, 2D and Directions guidance views
    ✔ Lane indicator arrows and realistic ClearTurn™ view make complex junctions simple
    ✔ Interactive map: tap on any road to navigate there or discover location-specific details
    ✔ Offline walking mode
    ✔ Speed limit display and warnings if you exceed it
    ✔ Detour feature to avoid unexpected delays or specific sections of your route
    ✔ Powerful pre-trip planning and unique multi-stop itinerary optimizer
    ✔ Navigate to a house number, street, contact, favorite, geo-coded photo or postcode
    ✔ Safety camera warnings as standard with free database updates (UK, DE, ES, IT)

    Premium quality digital maps from NAVTEQ:
    ✔ Detailed street maps of Western and Eastern Europe are stored on-board your phone or tablet. Simply download your maps via WiFi after installation
    ✔ Map coverage details: AL, AD, AT, BY, BE, BA, BG, HR, CZ, DK, EE, FI, FR, DE, GI, GR, HU, IE, IT, LV, LI, LT, LU, MK, MD, MC, ME, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, RU, SM, RS, SK, SI, ES, SE, CH, TR, UA, GB, VA
    ✔ Thousands of useful Points of Interest (POIs) that you can dial from in-app

    Live Services to keep you informed on the move:
    ✔ Bing™ Local Search
    ✔ Find interesting places nearby using Wikipedia
    ✔ In-app Facebook Places check-ins and Twitter status updates
    ✔ Real-time weather forecasts at your location or destination

    Premium Live Services available via in-app purchase:
    ✔ ActiveTraffic™ calculates the fastest route to your destination and accurate ETAs based on real-time traffic conditions (UK, DE, FR)
    ✔ Live Fuel Prices to find the cheapest petrol stations locally (FR, BE, DE, ES, IT, PT, NOT UK)

    What's in this version:
    ✔ Brand name Points of Interest logos added! Find the nearest leading-brand hotel, petrol station, restaurant and more.
    ✔ Fixes a bug where safety camera alerts were sometimes not working.
    ✔ Improvements to routing based on customer feedback.
    ✔ Additional performance and stability improvements.

    More Info:
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    *Install CoPilot Live Premium Europe v (Do not open!)!
    *Install (Needs root access to work!)
    *Open LuckyPatcher, find in the list press and hold on CoPilot Live Premium Europe then hit Lucky Google Market Patch!
    *Open CoPilot after LuckyPatcher does its job!
    *Make CoPilot user account!
    *Download maps!
    * Installieren Sie CoPilot Live Premium Europe v (nicht öffnen!)!
    * Installieren Sie (braucht root-Privilegien zu arbeiten!)
    * Offene LuckyPatcher, in der Liste finden, drücken Sie und halten Sie auf CoPilot Live Premium-Europa dann drücken Glückliche Google Market Patch!
    * Offene CoPilot nach LuckyPatcher macht seinen Job!
    * Machen Sie CoPilot Benutzerkonto!
    * Laden Sie Karten!
    [HIDE]Download Instructions:
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    Du mußt dich Registrieren um diesen Link sehen zu können. Hier klicken und kostenlos Registrieren
    digital1962, losi1, ikook und 96 anderen gefällt das.

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