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1.Emusoft Ferguson Ariva @Link_update_17.08_shaddy

Dieses Thema im Forum "Ferguson Ariva @Link 200" wurde erstellt von rabedu, 17. August 2010.

  1. rabedu

    rabedu Spezialist

    2. Mai 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    What is more in shaddy s/w for Ariva @Link 200 ??

    After upgrade with shaddy s/w you can download more extras by network:
    - link patch
    - charts patch
    - game patch
    - game roms

    Remember: once you use shaddy s/w - network update will update with last
    avaiable shaddy s/w directly from our servers.

    After each update you should restore factory default and re-download all extras.


    ** CARD SHARING **

    How to update all cccam, necamd, etc. settings from USB
    please read in attached files:

    - sharing_client.txt

    - sharing_server.txt

    Moreover you can connect via PC to the set to check all card sharing details
    (server and client) . Enter http:// (IP address of the set) in your webbrower
    to display the oscam web interface. The id and password are: local / local

    Oscam web interface:
    a. All connection details are displayed if you run the set as server or client
    b. In case of connection problems you can also edit the connection (configuration menu)
    c. Also, without the text file from USB you can connect to a server or run the set as server.

    This is the best solution to check problems or details, in case there are problems.


    ** MOVIEBOX **

    - oryginal s/w content was replaced with powerfull solution to download
    last movies and subtitles just with 2 click :
    >> OK to download na >> PLAY to watch

    Avaiable subtitles are marked in name in brackets (pl,en,de)
    All subtitles are downoladed and receiver play automaticly just one
    witch is to current OSD language


    ** MUSICBOX **
    - oryginal s/w content was replaced with international charts provided
    as mp3 files list !!!

    list are updated monthly press OK to download and PLAY to listen


    ** ARCADE **
    - new tab added with some simply games
    WARNING: after exit from any game receiver will reboot !!!
    So it is done


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