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redCAM_CS_Server__SF10x8_HD_FULL & LIGHT _V113__31-05-2011

Dieses Thema im Forum "OCTAGON SF-908G, SF918, SF1008, SF1018, SF1028" wurde erstellt von h.masic, 2. Juni 2011.

  1. h.masic

    h.masic Hacker

    15. April 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    redCAM_CS_Server__SF10x8_HD_FULL & LIGHT_31-05-2011 (SF1008, SF1008SE, SF1008SE+, SF1018, SF1028P)

    Ccam cardserver for OCTAGON sh4 v2.1.4

    --> add. redcam-config with OSD support
    - /bin/redcam-config
    --> octagon.sh4 update
    - svn 5334 - Version 113
    - webif bugfixes
    - cccam bugfixes
    - reader bugfixes
    - cccam: sharelist added extra good+bad sids
    - Viaccess Reader multi-ecm fix.
    - small correction in deleting tempfile
    - corrected lcd_hideidle
    - Correctly clear/init caid values fix
    - Small cleanup reader videoguard
    - fixed some naming in Web Interface
    - add new token in config
    - fix "class" parameter
    - fix layout issue in EMM count
    - Seca ECMs , reader fix
    - repair user reload
    - fix memcpy issues in reader-videoguard2 and smartreader module
    - malloc/calloc calls fix
    - corrected statusmessages
    - remove idle filtering for clients
    - add status on reader/proxy
    - filter idle clients modified
    - fixed stealth remote node id
    - add EMM displaying
    - viaccess emm fix
    - support default disabled
    - datatypes and resolve channelname
    - fix for prioritizing irdeto chids
    - fixed some typo errrors
    - Update for 'keepalive' parameter in 'oscam.user' documentation
    - Update for 'updateinterval' paramter in documentation
    - fix for quickfix r5260
    - Added more VG2 EMM Shared filters
    - fixed memleak on reader delete
    - cccam: fixed ports>32767
    - WebIf: fix reset AU in account by setting it to 0
    - WebIf: add ccchop parameter to all readers except cccam readers
    - cccam: new parameter ccchop for non-cccam reader, small fixes
    - cccam: good/bad sid list fix
    - Small fix in ECM lenght example
    - reverted last commit (modified)
    - change irdeto chid handling
    - WebIf: Improve bugfix for size 0 pages...
    - fixed newline warning
    - fixed "invalid read" (valgrind)
    - WebIf: fix segfault with ssl enabled
    - WebIf: Implement keepalive mechanism
    - WebIf: Leak fix for external css
    - cccam: fix for last fix
    - cccam: fixed too many nodes with minimize_cards=1
    - cccam: fixed a memleak
    - WebIf: Fix external css caching
    - cccam: added missing changes
    - cccam: reader bad sids and client bad sids are combined on one card
    - cccam: fixed memleak
    - WebIf: Small code cleanups
    - WebIf: Further improve browser caching through implementation of etag
    - WebIf: Add parsing for etag
    - fixed possible segfault
    - cccam: reshare mode 4: reshare only received cards
    - Small update for 'ChIDs', 'Idents' and 'Classes'
    - WebIf: Add class parameter in user and reader section
    - Some cleanups
    - cccam: fixed check provider
    - Fix small typing error
    - WebIf: replace select() with poll() and some optimizations
    - fixed possible segfault
    - cccam: fixed card group comparison
    - Small fix on connecting to network readers
    - Fix a segfault when editing users via WebIf
    - segfault fix (modified)
    - cccam: fixed segfault
    - Added new start option
    - Some small fixes
    - Added fix for CW2 CAID 093E. Thanks to sergis
    - Fix aligment in videoguard-common. Thanks to goffi for providing this
    - WebIf: Add debug output on auth headers
    - WebIf: Small improvement on null handling for r5171
    - WebIf: Add header parsing for request end
    - WebIf: Remove poll() usage
    - WebIf: Some bugfixes and better error handling
    - WebIf: Fix segfault when switching on SSL via WebIf

    - Important (Wichtig) : Bitte nur einen Reader pro Kartenschacht (SC0 bzw. SC1) definieren !
    - Pls def. only one reader for each cardslot (SC0 SC1)
    - for more detail pls check octagon.server file !

    cccam client c line eingabe :
    datei : tuxbox/config/octagon.server
    öffnen bsp mit wordpad

    label = CCCAM_SERVER
    protocol = cccam
    device = serveradresse,port
    user = user
    password = password
    group = 2
    cccversion = 2.0.11
    cccbuild = 2892

    --> serveradresse,port,user und password eintragen , rest kann so bleiben !

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    Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder!!! Jetzt kostenlos Registrieren ?

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