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Infos Official Unicam Team Information about Status for Troja Bug-Fixes

Dieses Thema im Forum "Unicam 3.0" wurde erstellt von unihelper, 16. März 2013.

  1. unihelper

    unihelper Newbie

    27. Februar 2013
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Fixed with Troja 3.12

    * Viaccess cards 2.6/3.0/4.0 works except of paired versions!

    * MTD 4-channels add service fixed, MTD work perfect, confirmed!

    In processing, based on Troja 3.12

    * Kathrein UFS913 / UFS923 / UFS925 fixed and confirmed!

    * Kathrein UFS910 firmware by Kathrein will fix HD+ descrambling, please use their update within next days!

    * Kathrein UFS924 Red Bull limited Edition partially fixed, cold start sometimes blocks booting, will be cleared with Kathrein if they fix with firmware update.

    * Humax iCord, for HD+ activate HD+ ON in Expert menu, for any other cards please choose HD+ OFF, then all used cards work!

    * TechniSat most of range works except of TechniStar S1/1+/2/2+, due to timing issue which will be handled by cam manufacturer these days, update in progress.

    * DreamBoX DM7020 HD init okay, but descrambling problem will be handled by cam manufacturer update these days.

    * Samsung TV-sets 7xxx/8xxx please use reset CI+ to solve init bug, if not help then please contact unihelper by PN, he can help.

    * DD Cine S2, if anybody has random init bugs, please contact unihelper by PN, he can help.

    In progress based on Troja 3.12:

    * Extended expert menu, will be finalized after solving major issues.

    * All other combination intolerances will be handled one by one with original sources, we are following all comments and do actions needed!

    !!!Note: Troja 3.12 is a non-public Firmware and only for Tests!!!
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