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Dieses Thema im Forum "Fausto" wurde erstellt von rabedu, 3. Oktober 2008.

  1. rabedu

    rabedu Spezialist

    2. Mai 2008
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Fausto V 1.33

    ©MASARE Team-Saoud007
    ©FullDump TM


    Installation: not needed to uninstall previous version, just run Fausto V1.XX setup.exe

    Fausto Emulator compatibilities:
    *XML file to be compatible with Fausto Emulator MUST include cryptoworks Cardkey (06)
    This Kekse used in internal by diablo cam emu
    If the CardKey (06) not include you'll can't decode cryptoworks with Fausto Emulator
    CardKey (06) added on Kekse.bin has no effect under diablo cam emulator
    *Include Betacrypt Tuneled Nagra 2 Providers
    *Include TPS Files (actually TPS.BIN)
    *Include ECM IV & ECM Seed Kekse under Irdeto2 Coding System

    Version 1.33 (03/10/2008 )
    Edit/Modify Text File -> Possible to load/modify INI file

    TPS Fixed: Worked with last TPS.BIN
    Emulator settings: Tab Monitor mouse right clic
    *added auto load last Kekse file
    *added auto start wireless (connect to wireless auto if auto load Kekse file ticked)
    *added auto start Season (connect to season auto if auto load Kekse file ticked)
    *added auto start Card Client (connect auto to last server used)
    *last season settings used saved in file \Fausto\Emu\season.ini (loaded when emulator open)
    *last card client server number saved in file \Fausto\Emu\season.ini (loaded when emulator open)
    Season.Ini File added Nagra2 default ident for Fausto Emulator
    Tab Wireless: Process connection to diablo base unit.
    Tab Card Client: added Tab SID, if you know problem with server card decryption use this option
    (SIDOVERRIDE not set on server settings)

    Provider 006C TV Vlaanderen somes chanel worked
    Astra 19.2*E
    Ident: 006C
    12012 V France 2
    12012 V France 3
    12168 V France 4
    12207 V France 5
    11817 V Mezzo
    12012 V Trace TV
    12012 V Motors TV
    12324 V Sailing Channel International
    With Diablo wireless delete S2_NL.BIN table on cam

    *Language files: New datas added ready for translation

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