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NEW PLi® Jade2 Images available

Dieses Thema im Forum "Dreambox Anleitungen & allg. Support" wurde erstellt von bellof, 22. März 2009.

  1. bellof

    bellof Elite Lord

    4. August 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    PLi® Jade2 Images Suite 20090317 Rev.6300 [22-03-2009] PLi® Jade2 Enigma1 images released

    A new Enigma1 PLi® Dreambox release is available for download.

    The Original Enigma1 PLi® Jade2 suite contains the following images:

    * PLi®-Jade2-DM500 (regular and maxvar)
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM500+ (Plus)
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM600
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM5600/5620
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM7000
    * PLi®-Jade2-DM7020

    Use the downloadsection on our website to be sure to download our original PLi® images.

    See below for fixes & features since the initial PLi® Jade release

    New features highlights:
    - New tuxtxt plugin
    - Tuxtxt subtitling (enable tuxtxt caching to get this feature)
    - Current and next EPG can be switched in service selector using audio key
    - Added "browse" selection in various menus
    - Timeshifts can be recorded on a separate location now
    - Selectable remote control channel

    More new features:
    - CVS Repository 11/01/2009
    - PLi® Repository 18/03/2009
    - Update to CCcam 2.0.11 for normal DM500 image and DM56x0 image
    - Default CCcam selected in cam setup for non-maxvar DM500, DM56xx
    - Updated encoding.conf
    - Removed movieplayer in DM500 maxvar image(image became too large, it's downloadable now)
    - Disable AC3, teletext stream recording added
    - web-x-tv: added support for vlc 0.9.x
    - Automatic LinuxExtensions correction for cifs mounts. Improves NAS compatibilty
    - Added teletext as programmable yellow/blue button
    - Support for slave harddisk on DM7020

    - Web interface timer menu fixes
    - Let exit key on a DM500 repeat to quit menus quickly
    - Take time start and stop offsets into account if a recording is added using webif
    - Fixed the save button (Green button) if unintentionally pressed in sat config screen
    - Harddisk format fixes
    - Default small silver remote for the DM500 and DM500+
    - Zapstream fixes
    - Solved wrong genre in webif channel EPG
    - "x% in use" updated in filemode now
    - Fixed service selector too near to window border
    - Fixed possible problems if /var is moved to a network share
    - RSS plugin fixes
    - Fixed dropbear plugin
    - Backup/restore fixes
    - MV fix for illegal date/time
    - Remove timeshift options for boxes which cannot timeshift

    - Spanish language update by Corvus
    - Estonian language update by Indrek
    - Dutch language update by dAF2000
    - Czech language update by ims

    Known bugs:
    - Picons may not work if a satellite has both Ku and C band channels
    - Unmounting network shares may not work all times
    - Network settings may not be restored in backup/restore

    See our Pli WIKI for more answers on your questions...

    Many low level changes fixes and other updates...


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