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Personalisierung Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD Pro

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android App Angebote" wurde erstellt von angola_prison, 24. November 2014.

  1. angola_prison

    angola_prison Elite Lord

    11. Januar 2013
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Ultimate Caller ID Screen HD Pro_v10.3.7


    20. November 2014



    The most complete fullscreen caller ID replacement and phone toolbox on Google Play, feature leader on its class. Much more tham a simple call ID app, UCS combines:

    - Fullscreen Caller ID replacement with true HD pictures of your contacts
    - Fullscreen SMS Receiver
    - Fullscreen Missed Calls notifications
    - Contact picture manager
    - Call Blocker
    - Sensor-base actions such as rejecting calls by turning the phone screen-down
    - AND swipe gestures just to be sure you handle your phone any way you want to.As recommended on Du mußt dich Registrieren um diesen Link sehen zu können. Hier klicken und kostenlos Registrieren
    "The features of this app are almost too numerous to list, but if you use your phone to make phone calls (you know, that thing it was originally intended for), it's a must-have."
    In one app, you get:- Choose pictures from gallery, take from camera or link to Facebook friends using their HD profile pictures
    - Apply pictures to contacts directly from your gallery, with the android "share" function. Just choose "Add to UCS"!
    - Answer calls with buttons, sliding buttons, rotary buttons, swipe gestures... You choose!
    - Configure your phone to hangup calls, put on speaker or mute ringer simply by turning the phone screen-down!
    - Swipe gestures (reject and answer calls, reject with sms, reply to sms, ...)
    - Call blocker (whitelist, blacklist, block unknown numbers, block selected contacts, block by prefix)
    - Fullscreen SMS receiver
    - Fullscreen Missed Calls Notifications, with dismiss, callback and answer functions, and configurable swipe gestures
    - Complete theme support for both call and SMS screens, personalizable per contact
    - Picture syncing of HD pictures to phone internal contacts
    - Privacy Screen: hide incoming call and SMS details from prying eyes until it's safe to pick-up/read
    Advanced Features:- Use your current android contact picture as fullscreen caller ID (Licensed only!)
    - Selectively enable only for outgoing/incoming calls
    - Sync your android contact database to use your UCS-defined callscreen HD pictures, or batch-upload a set of pictures from your sdcard
    - Hide parts of the call screen for cleaner interface.
    - Option to make incoming SMS show above lockscreen, including turning the screen on
    - Missed calls viewer
    - You can ALWAYS go back to the default phone interface during a call, simply by pressing the phone "Back" while on a call
    - Much MUCH more! Take a look through the available settings!
    Getting Started and Important Notes- To use the dialpad and other in-call functions, press the "Back" button on a call to bring up the default phone interface! Due to security restrictions imposed by Google, it's impossible for me to provide a working dialer during an ongoing non-VoIP call.- In version V5.0.0 and upwards, the model of the free version changed due to userbase request. Almost all functions are available, but there is a personalizable contact limit.

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