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    Twin Me! CloneCamera_v2.7

    6. November 2013


    Create a twin/clone photo of you or your friends in two clicks with your camera!
    Clone people in the photos has never been so easy with your camera! Twin Me! has a feature that other cloning apps does not have. It's the ***Cam Autostitch Module***. Don't worry if you can't hold the camera steady, Twin Me! CloneCamera will correct it for you using advanced image processing techniques.

    A long time ago, was almost impossible to make this funny effect in your photos. Probably you would have buy a digital camera, a computer, a photo editor software (like the expensive Photoshop), learn how to handle the pictures and etc... It takes a looooong time to do this. But with Twin Me! CloneCamera you can make this instantly. Then you can share this picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others.

    It's easy! Follow the instructions:

    - Hold de phone in horizontal position
    - Place the subject in the left frame on the screen and take the first shot
    - Hold the camera steady, place them in the right frame and shot again.
    - Wait a few seconds and see the funny result! It's a clone!
    - The app will try to fix a possible misalignment during the shots

    It's easy to clone yourself


    • Split Screen
    • Retake a shot pressing the back button
    • Self-timer
    • Front Camera
    • Autostitcher
    • Fun!

    For a better results, try to place the subject in a scene with a detailed background and do not move the camera between the shots.

    It's similar to the Samsung Galaxy S "Add Me" cloning feature (Clone Me/Add Me/CloneCamera or Split Pic Cam for iPhone)

    NOTE: If there are any bugs/crashes, contact me directly and I'll try to fix it!

    Google Play Store




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