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    Supreme Commander 2 DLC Infinite War Battle Pack / Square Enix

    Supreme Commander 2 DLC Infinite War Battle Pack / Square Enix

    PROTECTION : Steam
    GAME TYPE : Strategy

    Release Notes:

    twice the fun / double the trouble

    On with the game release information:

    Get ready for some awesome new features and upgrades developed
    by Chris Taylor and the team at Gas Powered Games - The
    Infinite War Battle Pack for SUPREME COMMANDER 2 featuring a
    whole host of new maps, units, experimentals, tech tree
    upgrades, and boosts for PC!


    Way Station Zeta (4 player map) û This installation sits high
    above the surface of Gradius IV. Decommissioned after the
    Seraphim invasion, it served as a staging area for Cybran
    forces during the Infinite War.

    Rigs (4 player map) û Many years ago, people harvested organic
    fuel from pockets beneath the seas of Pegasus II. Companies
    erected massive rigs that now sit on the surface of the water.
    It takes a cunning balance of sea and air to control the mass
    that remains on these ancient platforms.

    Etched Desert (8 player map) û As water on this desolate
    landscape receded due to decades of environmental exploitation
    on its surface, mass rich deposits were discovered among the
    remaining eroded mesas. With plenty of area to explore and
    hide, the battles here have raged for millennia.

    Desolatia (2 player map) û This tiny island can be found in
    the most remote parts of the Hermetic Seas on Trexxa VI. Its
    average seasonal temperatures reach well below zero, making it
    uninhabitable by humans. Its mass deposits, however, give it
    unparalleled military value.

    Seraphim Isles (8 player map) û The Isles were discovered by a
    second group of settlers who made contact with the alien
    Seraphim race. Legend has it that the two coexisted for many
    years; others claim the Seraphim eliminated them on sight.
    Nothing remains today of either race but the mountain in the
    center of the primary island holds a forgotten mystery for
    Coalition scientists.

    Igneous (6 player map) û The islands called Igneous were named
    for their strange rock formations. They remain one of the more
    "alien" regions on Rigel II, and one of the less popular areas
    for colonizing even though they're rich in mass deposits.

    QAI Labs (2 player map) û Located high above the surface of
    Pollux IV, this is one of the many test environments used by
    noted technology company Quantum Visionworks, a division of
    QAI Industries.

    Tourneydome (8 player map) û Among relics of a city that
    stretches to the horizons lies an arena where the Coalition's
    best do battle. A system long abandoned by the Coalition, when
    commanders enter, only one leaves.


    Cybran Monkeylord: Experimental Spider Bot: The beloved
    SUPREME COMMANDER experimental makes its return with a legged
    creature that features a powerful laser mounted on top of the
    body. If this unit makes it to your base, you're already dead.

    UEF Aegis: Experimental Shield Generator: A large bubble
    shield that covers an entire base. The shield has high health,
    but if knocked down it has to be manually recharged at a high
    energy cost.

    UEF Super Triton: Experimental Dreadnought: This
    ultra-battleship is bristling with humongous cannons but is
    only able to fire a medium distance, unlike the regular
    Battleship which has a long range. These weapons do extreme
    damage, but having to get close enough to use them is its

    UEF Jackhammer: Experimental Assault Artillery: This hulking,
    direct fire æcannon on wheelsÆ drives up to an enemy base and
    must unpack before firing. Once it unpacks it gains advanced
    defense (like hunker) reducing damage taken and allowing it to
    fire. The primary cannon has a slow rate of fire, with a long
    charge up, but does incredible damage (potentially knocking
    down multiple shields with a single shot)

    UEF Field Engineer: Mobile Repair and Support Unit: The UEF
    Mobile Repair and Support unit is a mobile engineer that has a
    basic direct fire turret as well as a repair arm. It is unable
    to build new structures, reclaim or capture, so its strength
    lies in its ability to accompany and quickly repair nearby
    allied units.

    UEF Research Converter: Research Conversion Facility: This
    structure provides the option to generate Research directly
    from accumulated mass. It is highly inefficient, but produces
    an instant boost to research.

    Illuminate Sooprizer: Experimental Gunship: The Illuminate
    Mega-Gunship offers a devastating direct-fire alternative to
    the Darkenoid. It does not have any anti-air capabilities
    focusing on ground based damage and increased survivability
    against surface threats.

    Illuminate Illuminator: Experimental Intel Gathering Station:
    The Overhorizon Radar provides flawless Vision and Radar in a
    huge radius. However, it has a tremendous energy cost to
    activate, and a long cooldown period.

    Illuminate Buhbledow: Experimental Shield Destroyer: The
    Shield Smasher is a ballistic EMP missile designed to knock
    down all enemy shields in a wide area. It has a long enough
    range that it can cover most of the map. The blast does
    insignificant damage to structures and units.

    Illuminate Shotja: Sniper Bot: The sniper unit is a medium
    ranged, mobile hover unit. It has a single, high damage shot
    with a long cooldown. Its weakness is its low rate of fire and
    slow movement speed.

    Cybran Recycler: Mass Reclaimer: Similar to the Loyalty Gun,
    the Mass Reclaimer has a medium range and automatically
    reclaims nearby wreckage. It is unable to reclaim living
    units, however.

    Cybran Cicada: Experimental Cloak Generator: The Cicada is a
    mobile mini-experimental that, when activated, hides all units
    nearby from both vision and radar. This makes the units
    completely invisible to an opponent. The Cicada has a high
    energy cost which lasts for less than a minute before
    recharging. The complex unit lacks only the ability to cloak
    itself while in operation.

    Cybran Intellitron: Air Scout: Lightly armored and unarmed,
    but with advanced vision and radar. Allows for quickly
    scouting remote areas of the map. Very fast to outrun

    Cybran Boomerang: Nuclear Missile Defense: This structure is
    placed in a base to defend against nukes. When incoming nukes
    get in range, they are reprogrammed and sent back to their
    origin. It has a low rate of fire and can be overwhelmed.
    Redirected nukes spoof enemy Anti-Nukes, making this a deadly
    structure to overlook when scouting for Nuke targets.

    Research Boosts/Upgrades:

    Research is focused on diversifying the factions while
    maintaining each faction's identity.


    Upgrade: Naval Transportation
    This naval tree upgrade allows experimental transports to
    carry naval units.

    Upgrade: Speed overdrive
    This short duration ability gives select land units a burst of
    speed for an energy cost.

    Boost: ACU Veterancy Rate Increase

    Boost: Structure Build cost for ACU: decreases cost of
    structures for ACU.

    Boost: Structure Regeneration


    Upgrade - Tank Torpedo weapon
    Adds a torpedo weapon to the Illuminate tank, allowing it to
    hit submarines or other naval units from a distance while on

    Upgrade: Structure Sacrifice
    Adds an ability to all structures, allowing it to be
    sacrificed. When sacrificed, all units nearby are instantly

    Upgrade: Amphibious Structures
    Nearly all ground structures can now be built on water.

    Upgrade: Air Teleport
    Adds an ability for air units to teleport short distances.

    Boost: Air Health II


    Upgrade - Naval Jump Jets
    The Cybran navy gets even more amazing with the Naval Jump Jet
    upgrade. At the end of the tree and incredibly costly, this
    upgrade allows Cybran Naval units to traverse any terrain with

    Upgrade - Vision persistence on Long Range Artillery
    This upgrade adds a vision radius to long range artillery
    shells. When a shell impacts the ground or a shield, it leaves
    behind a small vision ring, allowing you to see into the enemy

    Boost - ACU Increased Build Rate

    Boost - Air Build Time reduction

    Install Notes:

    1. Unpack release
    2. Run Supreme.Commander.2.Infinite.War.Battle.Pack.exe
    3. Install into your main Supreme Commander 2 folder
    4. Play the game


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    Supreme Commander 2 Update 11 and 12
    PROTECTION : Steam
    GAME TYPE : Strategy

    Release Notes:

    The Skid Rowdies are looking new blood to fill up the ranks.
    We're a professional team of dedicated sceners with big mark
    under sceners. We believe on the ground idealism of the root
    of the real old school scene. We do all this for fun and
    nothing else. We don't earn anything on our hobby, as we do
    this for the competition and the heart of what got the scene
    started in the mid eighties.

    If you think you got something to offer, then don't hold back
    on contacting us as soon as possible.

    twice the fun / double the trouble

    On with the update release information:

    Supreme Commander 2 Update 11 and 12

    UPDATE 12 content:

    New Features

    - Added AI Custom Options menu to allow fine control of each
    AI's Core Strategy, Build Speed, Resource Income, Veterancy,
    Intel, and Target preference.

    - The pre-order maps Emerald Crater, Iskellian Coast, QAI
    Prototype Facility, Seraphim VII Site, and Weddell Isle are
    now available to play for all players.

    - Added a Cybran Mass Convertor structure, unlocked via the
    research tree.

    - Added "No Artillery Structures" to game exclusions list.

    - Added "No Mass Conversion" to game exclusions list.

    - Added shield range ring indicators both during placement and
    on mouse-over.

    - Added factional shield coloring, and quicker impact effects
    to improve overall visibility and feedback.

    - Added a keybind to turn the UI and all associated in-game
    clutter on and off for screenshots and movies: Ctrl-U.

    - Updated the current ranked season to season 2


    - Increased Mass Convert cost to 2500e and income to 250m.

    - Increased Mass Convert cooldown to 10 seconds.

    - Killing enemy units will now generate 25% less Research.

    - Illuminate Rogue Nanites heal decreased to 5,000. Was

    - Illuminate ACU Shield health decreased to 12,000. Was

    - Illuminate ACU Teleport, Damage, Rogue Nanites and Personal
    Shield upgrades each increased by 1 RP.

    - Illuminate Rogue Nanite's range increased from 10 to 15.

    - Cybran Battleship range decreased to 90. Was 115.

    - Cybran Kraken health and damage increased by 50%. Weapons no
    longer prefer unique targets.

    - AI veterancy cheat buff is now an increased vet rate, rather
    than free levels.

    - Illuminate Point Defense cost increased to 200m/440e. Was

    - UEF P-Shield health increased to 600. Was 400.

    - Nuke cost increased to 1000m/4000e for each projectile. Was

    - Mobile units that are hunkered will no longer be affected by
    the magnetron.


    - Fix for being able to assist an engineer assisting a factory
    and bypassing the build speed reduction.

    - Fix for being able to have UEF Pgens assist an engineer
    assisting a factory and bypassing the build speed reduction.

    - Fix for being able to have UEF Pgens assist an engineer
    assisting a factory and bypassing the range check.

    - Fix for AI not sending early attacks.

    - Fix for Air units not accepting multiple destruction part
    meshes in their blueprints.

    - Fix for AI ACU going back and forth when there are enemies
    - Fix for AI not using the Noah Unit Cannon.

    - Fix for units getting strung out along cliffs.

    - Fix for units that have queued move orders pathing weird
    after using an ability.

    - Fix for beam weapons not turning off when units were loaded
    onto transports.

    - Fix for Hover units not triggering properly when killed.

    - Fix for UEF Long Range Artillery not being able to fire at
    their upgraded max range.

    - Fixed Sonar Radius buffs to work like Intel Radius buffs.

    - Units that are dropped from a transport will no longer
    infinitely loop their move ambient sound.

    - Fix for AI units trying to climb hills.

    - Fix for UI-based ACU duplication exploits.

    - Fix for replay files not closing properly under rare

    - Fix for Platoon position being on unpathable terrain and
    screwing everything up for the AI.

    - Fix for units being teleported when dropped from a transport
    over invalid terrain.

    - Fix for the wrong leader being selected for Air units.

    - Fix for GPNav group leader selection. Agents are eligible to
    be the group leader only if they are close enough.

    - Fix for units that have queued move orders pathing weird
    after using an ability.

    - Fixed resources getting refunded for units that have
    completed building and are cancelled with the stop command.

    - Fix for units getting stuck against walls if they started
    out moving via steering only (no flow field).

    - Fix for naval units not receiving commands outside the
    playable rectangle.

    - Fix for some air units in a group slowing way down.

    - Fix for crash when issuing guard on the ground.

    - Fixed a version number crash when loading a saved skirmish

    - Fix for crash when loading a save game while a unit is

    - You can no longer send air units through an enemy Space
    temple beacon.


    - When we buff a unit's max health we now set the units health
    percentage to the same as it was before the buff was

    - Removed the visual effect on other units from the Bodaboom
    and Universal Colossus to improve performance.

    - Increased Bodaboom buff check time to 8 seconds and
    Universal Colossus to 6 seconds to improve performance.

    - Changed the Bodaboom range circle to match the Bodaboom's
    buff range.

    - Attempting to join a game when you have modified files and
    the host does not (or vice-versa) will fail with a warning
    message. This is true for joining through the game browser
    or by receiving an invite.

    - We now disable collisions on units while they are in a

    - All Air to Ground and Ground to Air projectiles will no
    longer collide with each other.

    - Units that die while jump jetting will fall like air units.

    - Anti-Nukes will now show the proper Available/Max numbers
    when you hover over the build AntiNuke button.

    - Made path requests NOT immediately reset from cost stamp

    - If you lose and have a human ally that is still alive, you
    can no longer hear sounds from enemies under the Fog of War
    and can no longer see decals created under the Fog of War.

    - We no longer remove units from their group when issuing
    ability commands (except in special cases).

    - GPNav now allocates all the memory it will require for
    Integration Fields at the start of the game to improve

    - Jump jetting units will now adjust their flying height to
    avoid colliding with terrain.

    - Reduced the effect ambient sounds have on the game's

    - Improved 'should dodge' logic so if your push class is less
    than, then you should dodge.

    - Improved 'pass through walls' handling so battleships don't
    get pushed onto the shore.

    - If a unit cannot move as fast as the group, then the unit's
    speed bonus max is 15% instead of 50%.

    - Fixed air units group speed calc, so its not just the leader
    speed.. its the speed vote, just like land units.

    - Illuminate Flare effect updated. Now less expensive, added
    an on ground impact effect.

    - UEF Disruptor Station Activation Effects. Bigger for better
    player feedback.

    - Illuminate Electroshock beam and impact adjustments.

    - Illuminate Radar Overdrive, added activation effect.

    - All faction scaffolding effect LOD adjustments. Better
    player feedback at further LOD range.

    - Tri-armor buff effect. Now better looking and less

    - Reclaim, Capture, Repair, Build effect LOD adjustment.
    Better player feedback at further LOD range.

    - All Faction Unit destroy LOD adjustments. Better player
    feedback at further LOD range.

    - Experimental Unit weapon effect LOD adjustments. Better
    player feedback at further LOD range.
    - LOD update on unit upgrade, build bonus, overcharge, mass
    convert and hunker. Better player feedback at further LOD

    - Changed text for shield restrictions to imply structure

    - AI will now use path markers for attack and scouting.

    - AI will build additional radar away from its base.

    - Magnetron will now look for targets in a radius around
    itself, rather than the base it is assigned to.

    - AI will now build the Cybran Mass Convertor.

    - AI will build more than 1 mass convertor, if needed.

    - AI will now prioritize getting the Mass Convertor research
    if it has a high amount of energy stored.

    - AI will no longer mass convert when it has enough mass

    - AI will now build more Pgens when Mass Convertor is
    researched, rather than waiting for it to be built.

    - AI will use the buffer size to check for blocking terrain
    (via GPNav) before building a structure.

    - AI will try not to nuke its own units.

    - Improved AI research paths.

    - Removed Radar and Vision cheat buffs from the AI.

    - Added Naval Neural Net.

    - Updated the Neural Net data based on several hundred new
    simulation sets.

    - AI will wait until it has a mass convertor before going nuts
    with Pgens.

    - Land, Balanced, and Rush AIs will put a higher priority on
    getting an Air factory if they can't reach an enemy by land.

    - AI ACUs will no longer build Naval factories. This will be
    handled by Engineers.

    - The AI will once again use the Illuminate Space Temple.

    - Adjusted AI platoons to prevent the AI from stalling when
    hitting unit cap.

    - AI can now use Naval units to guard its base.

    - Guard base platoons will now guard a wider range.

    - AI will build more engineers per expansion base.

    - AI will only build up to 10 research facilities.

    - AI will take mass fabricators into account when looking at
    income/spending ratio.

    - AI will build Gantries in expansion bases more.

    - Improved AI Nuke/Anti-Nuke behavior.

    - AI platoons will no longer Jump Jet or Teleport unless at
    least 75% of the platoon can make the move.

    - Platoons that the AI wants to run away will now clear
    previous commands.

    - AI Neural Nets will now check to see if an enemy unit's
    shield is active when performing threat evaluation.

    - AI units will no longer run to deactivated bases.

    - AI will now use carriers appropriately again.

    - Added a new function to the Platoon class to get a
    platoons shortest attack range.

    - Micro distance is now based on the Platoon's shortest
    attack range.

    - AI will now do a quick pathable check when looking for
    places to build.

    - Engineers will no longer look for things to reclaim or units
    to repair while attached to another unit.

    Known Issues

    - Replays from previous versions will not function with this

    - Skirmish Save games from previous versions will not function
    with this version.

    - Campaign Save games from previous versions will not function
    with this version. Campaign progress (unlocks) will still be
    preserved, however.

    - When exiting a multiplayer game or skirmish before victory
    conditions have been met, there is a 10-second window during
    which replays will not save. The temporary workaround is to
    wait 10 seconds before pressing the "save replay" button.

    UPDATE 11 content:


    - Skirmish Save/Load. Skirmishes can now be saved in game
    using the Menu > Save Game Function. Skirmish saves can be
    loaded while in a skirmish game or from the main menu under
    Skirmish > Load Saved Game.

    - Players who have been eliminated in a skirmish or
    multiplayer game, but have remaining allies that are all AI,
    will be set as an observer will full map view, and may exit
    normally at their discretion.

    - AI Engineers and Land Scout platoons will now execute
    optimized pathing (performance improvement).

    - A user friendly version number will now be shown at the top
    of replay files. Replays that do not have the matching
    version number of the build will generate a "failed to load"

    - The default folder for save games, replays, screenshots and
    log files has been updated to My DocumentsMy GamesSquare
    EnixSupreme Commander 2.

    - Added redundant checking on games returned by Steam in
    matchmaking. This check ensures that the game fits within
    the filters specified for Steam. Previously old data could
    be called when rapidly narrowing a search.

    - Illuminate Bodaboom aura range now displays as a weapon


    - Fixed condition where the first player leaving a multiplayer
    game would stop automated replay recording.

    - Further refinement of search filtering for ranked. It was
    possible that someone could join a ranked game because they
    met the criteria when they initiated the search, but then
    narrowed their search and no longer met that criteria. We
    now check for this case and reject the connection.

    - Fix for most common case of players getting in an unable to
    join state when closing a multiplayer game from a lobby.

    - Artillery Weapon Range boost will now correctly affect Long
    Range Artillery, increasing its range.

    - Fix for AI violation of Research build condition.

    - Fix for AI not building enough research stations.

    - Fix for AI not building enough factories late game.

    - Fix for Naval AI not building a Naval factory at all, and
    for secondary condition of not building them outside its
    starting base location.

    - Fix for uncommon case of units not doing anything when
    running away.

    - Fix for AI Land platoons not running away.

    - Fix for AI not properly utilizing the Noah Unit Cannon and
    Carriers for building.

    - Fix for Defensive builders going to the wrong task state
    when they fail to find a build position.

    Balance and Tuning:

    - Engineers will no longer circumvent assist mitigation when
    ordered to assist open ground.

    - AI has improved seeking/hunting capability against hidden

    - AI will only build Artillery/TML in their base if they have
    enemy structures in range.

    - AI will build more generators after they have a Mass
    Converter (or the research for the Cybrans).

    - AI will normally only build shields in their bases when
    there are structures there to protect.

    - AI will not build excess mass extractors.

    - Illuminate ACU Energy Income Boost research decreased to
    +200%, was +300%. Decreasing Mass Income Boost to+250%, was

    - Decreased Rate of Fire on Illuminate flares by 33%.

    - Added a 25 second rebuild time when the Proto-Brain is
    destroyed. Added a Cybran Proto-Brain crash damage of 2000.

    - Increased minimum radius on Long Range Artillery to 150,
    was 50.

    Known Issues:

    - Replays cannot be created from a game that has been loaded
    from a Skirmish save, the UI does not currently reflect
    this. Although it appears to save, it does not, and the
    "Replay LastGame" feature will actually play the last valid

    Install Notes:

    1. Unpack the included rar files.
    2. Run Supreme.Commander.2.Update.11.and.12.exe and install
    3. Copy the cracked content from SKIDROW directory to your
    main installation directory and overwrite.
    4. Play the game

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    Supreme Commander 2 Update 13


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    PROTECTION : Steam
    GAME TYPE : Strategy

    Supreme Commander 2 Update 13

    UPDATE 13 content:

    New Features

    - Build mode can now be accessed while holding shift.

    - Added Safe and SafeMode command line options as a better
    alternative to resetting monitor resolution - Using one of
    these options will start the game at 1024x768@60hz in
    fullscreen and allow the player to change his options to
    something else after the game loads.

    - Added build mode hotkey for Cybran Mass Convertor. Removed
    Ctrl-M key mapping for old Cybran mass convert ability,
    which no longer exists and was causing a crash.

    - By popular request, reset Season 2 ELO ratings.

    - Quitting a game will stop the replay from recording


    - Fix for targeting units under the influence of world forces
    (ie Magnetron).

    - Fix for units becoming unrepairable.

    - Partial fix for selected groups of units not all Teleporting
    or Jump Jetting when given the order.

    - Fix for Space Temple cooldown being activated even if the
    beacon was not placed.

    - Better handling for units getting stuck in a position when
    they try to reclaim something directly underneath them.

    - Fix for ACU/engineers going on a walkabout when trying to
    build something that overlaps with their current position.

    - Fix for some factories and engineers getting XP for killing
    things when they should not.

    - Fix for units colliding with terrain when boarding a

    - Fix for not adjusting a units health when it recieves a
    MaxHealth buff on non-DLC side.

    - You can no longer use the Magnet Pull, Magnet Push, or
    Pullinsmash ability while No Rush is active

    - Fixed up AI platoon templates.

    - Fix for AI platoon sizes.

    - Fix for AI platoons "dancing around".

    - The AI influence map decay rate for mobile units has been

    - Fix for AI building too many Mass Fabricators.

    - Adjusted how much mass a Mass Convertor adds to the AI's
    Resource Manager.

    - AI will only build 1 ProtoBrain.

    - AI will attack ACUs more in Assassination mode.

    Known Issues/Under Investigation

    - Pre-1.21 Replays will not function with 1.21.

    - Teleporting/Jumpjetting group fix only partially

    - Memory Management and allocation optimizations.

    - Desynch related to VTOL aircraft.

    Install Notes:

    1. Unpack the included rar files.
    2. Run Supreme.Commander.2.Update.13.exe and install
    3. Copy the cracked content from SKIDROW directory to your
    main installation directory and overwrite.
    4. Play the game

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    Supreme Commander 2 Update 15 and 16


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    Supreme Commander 2 Update 15 and 16
    PROTECTION : Steam
    GAME TYPE : Strategy

    Release Notes:

    The Skid Rowdies are looking new blood to fill up the ranks.
    We're a professional team of dedicated sceners with big mark
    under sceners. We believe on the ground idealism of the root
    of the real old school scene. We do all this for fun and
    nothing else. We don't earn anything on our hobby, as we do
    this for the competition and the heart of what got the scene
    started in the mid eighties.

    If you think you got something to offer, then don't hold back
    on contacting us as soon as possible.

    twice the fun / double the trouble

    On with the update release information:

    Supreme Commander 2 Update 16

    UPDATE 16 content:

    New Features

    + The Infinite Build Queue

    In the launch version of Supreme Commander 2, you immediately
    paid for units and structures when queued. With this patch,
    you pay for units when construction starts. While it may sound
    like a simple change, it changes the way you play the game and
    manage your economy. It allows you to pre-plan your bases and
    unit queues beyond what you can afford with your resources at
    any given time during a game.

    With this change, you need to more carefully manage the build
    statuses of your Engineers and factories, and be prepared to
    use manual pausing and unpausing, because the least expensive
    units or buildings queued always get priority. You'll also
    want to pay more attention to your incoming Mass and Energy
    reserves so you don't have builders sitting around waiting for

    The patch also adds automatic management of Engineers and
    Factory queues that are waiting for resources to become
    available. If you queue beyond what you can currently afford,
    units will automatically wait and continue production when
    resources become available.

    Details as follows

    We now show the rebuild bonus outline, even if you do not have
    the resources to build the item.

    Added two new keybinds: Ctrl-Shift-P: Pauses all construction
    units, Ctrl-Shift-U: Unpauses all construction units.

    When you pause an engineer or factory they will continue
    building whatever they are currently building (you already
    paid for it anyway), but will not start another build task
    until unpaused.

    - No more yellow outlines when building.

    - If they can afford the unit when the command is issued, they
    will pay for it right away and move to build.

    - If they cannot afford it when issued they will move to the
    build site and wait until they can afford it.


    - You can no longer see friend ranked lobbies in the Friends

    - Fix for Illuminate air units not settling back into a
    formation after teleporting.

    - Factory addons no longer have a collision volume, to fix the
    issue where you cannot damage a factory because the
    projectiles are colliding with the addon, which takes no

    - Fix for not being able to dock the protobrain.

    - Fix for Blank map being shown if a player plays a DLC game
    with one of the DLC maps and then tries to play a non-DLC
    game. Instead, we will defualt to the first map in the list.

    - Fix for some units not hitting the Seabed when sinking.

    - Fix for ACUs continuing to shoot when an attack is
    interrupted by a build/reclaim/capture/repair order.

    - Fix for ACUs losing the ability to attack if a reclaim order
    is interrupted as the ACU's build arm is being oriented.

    - Fix for the Cicada hiding enemy units from allied armies.

    - Fix for crash when trying to save a skirmish game.

    - Fix for instability issues discovered with the Noah, Ejected

    - Fix for refund amounts being incorrect if you Ctrl-K a
    factory that has a large amount of the same type of unit

    - Fix for refund amount being incorrect if you removed chunks
    of units from the build queue via holding Ctrl or Shift and
    right clicking.


    - Shotja: Reduced Health to 800. Was 900. Reduced Turn Ratio
    to 90. Was 270. Weapon Turret rotation range reduced so that
    it can only fire in a narrow arc forward.

    - Loyalist: Reduced Build Time to 20. Was 21. Reduced Mass
    Cost to 40. Was 42.

    - Cybran Jump Jets: Reduced Land Jump Jets RP cost to 6. Was
    7. Increased Land Jump Jet Range RP cost to 4. Was 3.

    - Research Convertor: Reduced Mass cost to 275. Was 300. Made
    Research Conversion ability cost 275 instead of 300.

    - Quantum Floating: Reduced Quantum Floating RP cost to 9.

    - Naval Jump Jets: Reduced range to 90. Was 110.

    - Adjusted when the AI builds extra mass convertors.

    - The AI will not build more than 1 proto brain on the DLC
    side, to match non-DLC.

    - Fix for AI Naval units sitting in base and not attacking.

    - Fix for some Guard base platoons getting stuck.

    - Fix for units being able to capture something they lost
    intel on.

    - Units that the AI knows are dead will be removed from the
    influence map to fix the case where an AI thinks there is a
    nearby threat when the only nearby threat is a unit slowly

    - Fix for AI building stuff in a player's starting location
    (for real this time) this will not stop an AI from building
    a Mass Extractor in the base, however.

    - Fix for AIs getting stuck because they have two bases that
    overlap each other.

    - Fix for AI scout platoons getting stuck on Seton's.

    - Fixed the neural net learning function so that it feeds the
    network forward before back propagating.

    - Fixed the AI's last stand distance for defensive points.

    - Updated AI neural net data.

    - Fix for mixed groups of air units having a portions of the
    units fail to attack when given a Form Attack order.

    - Fixed the AI handling of reclaimable mass around the base
    so that is uses the same search range as the task.

    - Fix for AI's getting stuck trying to clear an expansion
    base that an AI ally has already taken control of.

    - Platoon micro now prevents platoons from getting stuck
    while being shot to bits

    Known Issues

    - Save games in Skirmish and Campaign from older versions
    will not function in version 1.23. Campaign progress

    - Replays from older versions will not function in version

    Supreme Commander 2 Update 15

    UPDATE 15 content:


    - Hotfix for a crash issue with 1.22.

    Hotfix version is known as 1.222

    Install Notes:

    1. Unpack the included rar files.
    2. Run Supreme.Commander.2.Update.15.and.16.exe and install
    3. Copy the cracked content from SKIDROW directory to your
    main installation directory and overwrite.
    4. Play the game

    Additional Notes:

    You don't need to have any of the previous updates installed,
    as this update is featuring all previous updated content

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