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SoundRacer OBDII Engine Sounds

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Archiv" wurde erstellt von angola_prison, 27. März 2013.

  1. angola_prison

    angola_prison Elite Lord

    11. Januar 2013
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    SoundRacer OBDII Engine Sounds_vSRP-1.1.11


    17. März 2013



    Drive with the greatest engine sounds ever heard in a standard car!
    Now you can experience some of the coolest engine sounds in the world when they actually follows the engine rpm of your car!
    You need a car with an OBDII (OBD-2, On Board Diagnostic) connector, most modern cars have one.
    You also need to install an OBDII adapter (like the ones used for the Torque app, ELM327 is a common type) in your car, it sends the engine rpm with Bluetooth to the Android phone and let the SoundRacer app play the real sports car and bike sounds when you drive. Connect the phone to car audio system for a great sound experience, have fun! The sounds are recorded from famous sports cars and a classic motorcycle.
    These genuine engine sounds are included:
    Big American V8 muscle car - real Shelby sound
    Exotic Italian V10 sports car - real Lamborghini sound
    Legendary Italian V12 sports car - real Ferrari sound
    Thrilling Japanese V10 supercar - real Lexus LFA sound
    Classic American V-Twin motorcycle - real Harley sound
    There are 5 different driving modes.
    Most exciting is of course the OBD-II mode where the sound follows the engine speed in the car you are driving.
    You can also use the manual, automatic, paddle or tilt modes.The OBD-II app experience is as fun and exciting as driving a car with a real SoundRacer product but there are a couple of differences:
    One feature in the app is that you can change the ratio between the engine rpm and the sound rpm. If, for example, you are driving a low rpm diesel it can be set so that engine sound goes on 6000 rpm when the car engine is doing 2500 rpm.
    The sound and rpm following in the app is depending on the OBD-II adapter and phone performance and may be different than in the SoundRacer FM transmitter.
    The Engine screen is the starting screen. Here you can select the engine sound with the tabs.DRIVE SCREEN
    The next step is to drive. Touch the Select Drive Mode button to reach the Driving screen. There you can select the driving mode, Manual, Automatic, Paddle, Tilt or OBD-II.DRIVE WITH OBD-II
    Plug in an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and pair it with your Android phone.
    Connect the phone sound output to the car audio system with AUX, Bluetooth or FM transmitter.
    Select the OBD-II mode in the Drive screen.
    Start the car engine.
    Press the Start button in the app and hear the start up and idling sound.
    Wait for the three OBD indicators to turn green, sometimes you have to select the ODB-II adapter in a pop up window.
    If the third indicator does not turn green, the app may not be able to detect the correct protocol for your car. You can then select the protocol in Menu/Settings.
    Now you are ready to go!
    Always drive safely, wait until you have parked the car in a safe location before you handle the app!DRIVE MANUALLY
    Select a manual mode in the Drive screen.
    Start driving by touching the Start/Stop button and hear the start up sounds. Then you can accelerate with a touch control of choice. To hear the real engine sounds, use earphones or connect the phone to good speakers.STOP ENGINE
    By touching the Start/Stop button again you turn off the engine sound.CHANGE ENGINE
    If you touch the Select Engine button, you will navigate back to the Engine screen, and there you may select another engine sound.MENU
    You can select Information, Links, Settings or Share. Under Settings it is possible to change the RPM factor and car OBD protocol.

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