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    Now Tablet Optimized!

    ◦ Blazing fast music recognition
    ◦ The world's only singing and humming recognition
    ◦ LiveLyrics: see lyrics move in time with the music
    ◦ Home screen widget allows you to identify music without launching the app
    ◦ No banner advertisements
    ◦ SoundHound Headlines: brings you free song streams, new artists, and more
    ◦ Real-time Facebook and Twitter updates from your favorite artists
    ◦ Facebook and Twitter sharing, listen-on-startup, and geotagging
    ◦ Buy links, YouTube videos, artist biographies, and much more✧ Thank you to our 100 million+ fans and loyal users for making SoundHound a must-have App! ✧★ Reviews and Honors for SoundHound ★
    Top 10 Must-Have Android Apps - Bob Tedeschi, NY Times
    Best Music Engagement App - BILLBOARD Music App Awards
    Your top 10 Android Apps - "I love this app... unique in its class." - Jessica Dolcourt, CNET
    The Best Android Apps - "There's no limit." - John Herrman, Gizmodo
    "Genius, isn't it?" - B.B.C. World Radio
    "This is amazing... insane, right?" - David Pogue of the NY Times
    Note: Location is used to store where songs were discovered. It can be disabled from the Options menu.Explanation of requested permissions:
    Used to record audio for both music and voice search.CHANGE YOUR AUDIO SETTINGS
    Used to ensure optimal audio recording settings.FINE (GPS) LOCATION
    Used to enhance search results and remember where a search took place, which is displayed through History. This can be disabled in app settings.FULL INTERNET ACCESS
    Used to communicate with servers for search results and other content.READ PHONE STATE AND IDENTITY
    Used to mute SoundHound audio when receiving phone calls.MODIFY/DELETE USB STORAGE CONTENTS MODIFY/DELETE SD CARD CONTENTS
    Used to cache data.CONTROL VIBRATOR
    Used to notify when search results are ready.VIEW WI-FI STATE
    Used to allow usage through WI-FI.VIEW NETWORK STATE
    Used to detect when internet access is available.
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