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    Sky Atlas is not planetarium or simulation software. It is designed analog to a paper atlas for the purpose of looking up sky positions of celestial objects. The electronic form takes advantage of zooming and selection of objects to be displayed or not -- possibilities which are not available to paper. The star chart is plotted on equatorial coordinates. Current horizontal positions, rise & set times, etc. for objects can be viewed after selection of an object of interest. A star chart can be saved to external memory card for documentation purposes, such as websites or blogs.The use of Sky Atlas is believed to be simple, intuitive and largely self-explanatory, yet requiring basic knowledge of astronomy and familiarity with your Android phone.
    Atlas Objects
    Opens a list of object categories. Tap on a category to view available objects. Upon selection of an object, its data is shown in a message box, from which to return to selection of another object or choose to center an object on the star chart. Categories which contain a large number of objects are assigned a submenu (tap on screen's menu button) which allow to narrow down by various criteria dependent on the nature of the catagory.
    * Constellations
    * Named Stars
    * Nearby Stars
    * Binary Stars
    * Variable Stars
    * Exoplanets
    * Messier Objects with images
    * Bright deepsky objects with images
    * Solar System Planets
    * Dwarf Planets & Asteroids
    * Comets
    * Meteor Showers
    * Hubble Objects
    * Kepler Field Overlay
    * Celestial Poles
    This list of items is not directly related to the star chart, but to astronomical time-keeping, information and visualizations.
    * Rise, set, twilight times
    * Day & Night Visualization
    * Planisphere
    * Rectangular view of the sun's vicinity
    * Earth Globe in 3D
    * Moon Atlas in 3D
    * Moon Calendar
    * MSL Curiosity Station
    * 3D planetary phase views
    * Planetary Moons
    * Spacecrafts
    * Pleiades Close-up
    * Solar Eclipses
    * Greek Alphabet
    * Glossary
    * Historical Timeline
    * Zodiacal Signs
    * Martian Moons
    * Plutonian Moons

    This section is for astronomical computing, such as current positions of the Galilean moons, orbit simulation, calculation of optical equipment performance and more.
    * Galilean Moons
    * Orbit Simulator
    * Distances among Stars
    * Speed of Light Simulation
    * Telescope Calculator
    * Binocular Calculator
    * CCD Imaging Calculator
    * Optical Formulae
    * JD-Date/Date-JD Converter
    Star Chart
    * Stars down to magnitude 6.4
    * Constellation lines
    * Constellation boundaries
    * All Messier objects
    * Bright NGC/IC objects
    * Sun, moon and planets overlay
    * Equatorial Grid
    * Equator line
    * Ecliptic line
    * Associated object labels
    * Color display
    * Monochrome, negative display
    * Nightview (red display)
    Sky Atlas is designed only for Android phones operating in portrait mode. If you own a tablet please search for "Sky Atlas Tablet".
    Galaxy Precident SCH-M828C and similarly small phones not supported.

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    Dieser Link ist nur für Mitglieder!!! Jetzt kostenlos Registrieren ?

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