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    Get the red carpet treatment for your SDR experience! Unlock the full potential of your Android device and use the pro features of SDR Touch. You will get: - Spectrum analyser - see signals graphically
    - Frequency jump - skip to desired frequency without scrolling
    - Presets - save your favourite stations in an easy-to-access way
    How does it work:
    You need to have SDR Touch already installed on your Android powered device. Purchase and install SDR Touch Key. Next time you start SDR Touch you will be able to use the pro tools and the "DEMO MODE" will have disappeared!
    If you have not tried SDR Touch yet, I highly recommend installing it first to check whether it is compatible with your USB dongle, phone or tablet.
    Please don't purchase if your Android device or USB dongle is not compatible with SDR Touch!
    Disclaimer: Keep in mind that SDR Touch is under development and it could be unstable. Also make sure you agree with the Terms and Conditions in SDR Touch and fully understand that it might against the law to listen to some non-standard radio frequencies in some countries. I am not liable for any damages caused by improper usage of SDR Touch and SDR Touch Key!

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