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    Satellite Finder AR_v3.4.0

    14. August 2013


    «Satellite Finder AR» - is a professional app with augmented reality for satellite antennas configuration. Description:
    You will find the satellite and check the line of sight fast and easily.
    «Satellite Finder AR» - is also a transponder database of all TV/RADIO satellites. You can easily find satellite antenna configuration parameters.
    - Shows azimuth, elevation, LNB skew angels for the desired satellite
    - Shows frequency, polarization, FEC, Symbol Rate
    - Shows official site links, coding algorithm if supported and free-to-air or not status
    - Group by C and Ku frequencies
    - Search by frequency, channel name, radio station, internet provider, tech info
    - Search through all satellites
    - Search by satellite name
    - Channel filtration: radio, video, internet, data for the chosen satellite
    - Entirely off-line version
    An enormous data base with more than 190 satellites, 5000 transponders, 14300 video channels, 4000 radio stations and 260 Internet service providers.
    User manual:
    - For best accuracy hold your device vertically.
    - Press on the "Augmented reality " button to enter video mode.
    - To calibrate the compass make several 8-shaped movements in horizontal plane to enhance satellite azimuth location.
    - Look at device display and try to get 180° at "Heading" indicator if you are in the northern hemisphere and 0° if you are in the southern hemisphere. All available satellites are at the equator.
    - Now you should be able to see satellites available for your geoposition.
    Lite version without augmented reality feature available at
    If you like “Satellite Finder AR”, please rate it 5-stars in Google Play! We are read all your reviews and strive to make this app better with every update. We pay great attention to your opinion and take it into account while working on newer versions. It is you who help us to improve the app.
    Thanks for using “Satellite Finder AR”!

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