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    Language/s: ENG
    Format: Iso
    Size: 7742 MB
    Parts: 39

    Sam & Max – The Devil’s Playhouse is the latest series of episodic adventure games featuring the Freelance Police team.

    As Sam & Max - The Devil’s Playhouse opens, Max has been bestowed with powerful psychic abilities that he must wield against his most powerful enemies yet! Join Sam and Max as they investigate the ancient source of these powers, with Max exercising new and amazing abilities with each episode. Shape shifting, teleportation, mind reading and future sight powers prove particularly useful as the Freelance Police team takes on intergalactic simians, eldritch gods and an arcane scholar, all ruthlessly hunting down the source of Max’s powers for their own evil ends.

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    Sam and Max Season 3 The Devils Playhouse




    ANSi JED<ACiD>

    In Their 25th Year Of Glory, FairLight Released #1010

    Sam and Max Season 3 - The Devil's Playhouse (c) TellTale Games

    Supplied by: FAIRLIGHT : : Release Date: 18/08/2011
    Cracked by: FAIRLIGHT Game Type: Adventure
    Packaged by: FAIRLIGHT Image Format: ISO

    DISCS: 1 DVD Protection: ~

    System Requirements : (S)-1-phenylpropan-2-amine

    Game information:

    Sam is a six-foot dog in a baggy suit sporting a trombone-sized .44
    hand-cannon. Max is three feet of pure unleashed id with a saw blade
    grin and the impulsive nature of the average piranha. Together they
    patrol the sticky streets of a fantastical New York City, righting
    wrongs, pummeling perps, and ridding the urban landscape of the shifty
    legions of "self-propelled gutter trash" that litter their streets.
    Sam & Max is Telltale's longest running episodic game series to date.
    The new season Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse is the biggest,
    strangest and most epic to date. As the saga begins, an otherworldy
    power for controlling matter and space calls to the strongest and
    strangest who might wield it - intergalactic warlords and eldritch
    gods, under-dwellers and scholars of the arcane.
    Gaming's greatest dog and rabbit sleuths Sam & Max seek the power's
    ancient secrets, as Max gains shape shifting, teleportation, mind
    reading and future vision abilities for battling these foes. The saga
    plays out in a surreal 5 month-long symphony of mayhem that gets deeper
    and more twisted with each episode.


    * Episode 1: The Penal Zone
    * Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak
    * Episode 3: They Stole Max's Brain!
    * Episode 4: Beyond the Alley of the Dolls
    * Episode 5: The City That Dares Not Sleep
    * Bonus material

    Installation Information:

    * Burn or mount
    * Install the game
    * Play the game



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