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    Rotation Lock Adaptive_v1.93

    26. Mai 2013


    This is the paid version of Rotation Lock Adaptive with additional features and customization.If you use the free version often enough, please consider buying the paid version
    Main features:
    Adaptive rotation - if you find automatic screen rotation annoying then this app is for you. It will detect the device's orientation and show a transparent button to let you decide whether the screen should be rotated to landscape or portrait
    Lock the screen in landscape or portrait - it will lock the screen the way you want even when some apps don't offer certain orientation
    Increase productivity - unnecessary rotation will distract you and interrupt your workflow!
    Power saving - every screen rotation will involve a lot of computation. By reducing unnecessary rotation the battery will last a bit longer
    There are 8 modes which can be chosen in notification area
    1. Adaptive mode - detect the device's orientation and prompt you whether to rotate the orientation
    2. Landscape - force the orientation in landscape
    3. Portrait - force the orientation in portrait
    4. Reverse Portrait - force the orientation in reverse portrait
    5. Reverse Landscape - force the orientation in reverse Landscape
    6. Force auto - automatically rotate the screen in all orientation
    7. Stock auto - exactly the same as original auto mode
    8. Stock portrait - exactly the same as original portrait mode
    Below are the features which the free version does not include:
    Per app setting - individual apps can be set to stock mode if they have problems with force landscape mode
    custom-sized overlay button which is shown in adaptive mode
    Hide notification icon

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