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ROM [ROM][15-1-2012][4.0.3 AOSP] Virtuous Quattro RC3 - Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Dieses Thema im Forum "HTC Android Handys" wurde erstellt von rocketchef, 15. Januar 2012.

  1. rocketchef

    rocketchef <img src="

    20. Mai 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:

    Welcome to Virtuous Quattro. This is a pretty much a pure AOSP build of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich with tweaks and optimization's by the Virtuous Team.

    Quattro is the result of a collaborative team effort by the following developers:
    • Flemmard
    • Diamondback2010
    • rmk40
    • chrisch1974
    • m-deejay
    • seo
    • eViL D:
    • cypis
    • cjward23

    Screen Shots




    • Compilied from AOSP
    • Ported for full functionality on each supported devices. Additional device support is being added regularly.
    • Heavily optimized for fluid performance and usability.
    • Built-in screen state frequency scaling (1Ghz-245MHz/ondemand screen-on, 768Mhz-245Mz/conservative screen-off), via custom built Virtuous_OC C daemon.
    • Trackpad wake support (DesireZ/G2 only)
    • Trebuchet Launcher (modified ICS launcher) credits to nebkat
    • Adavnced Power Menu, reboot recovery/bootloader etc. Credits to CM Team
    • Most recent GAPPS included.


    • Camera (zum Teil)
    • Sound
    • Boots with out any issue
    • Wallpapers
    • Live Wallpapers
    • Phone works 2G/3G
    • Touch
    • Keys
    • SD Card
    • Wifi
    • Sensors
    • Root
    • Headphones
    • Bluetooth
    • EGL
    • Advanced Power Menu
    • Screenshots
    • Market
    • Mic
    • 3D Games
    • Gallery
    • 3D Acceleration
    • Video Playback (720p playback is laggy)
    • GPS
    • Tethering
    • Facebook contact sync
    • more..

    Not Working

    • Probably some of the stuff that's in working...

    Supported Devices

    • Desire S


    Virtuous Quattro RC3
    Updated adreno libs
    Fixed in call volume
    Other minor fixes & tweaks
    new customizable lockscreen shortcuts
    -pick your apps/shortcuts from ROM Control
    -shows app icon on lockscreen
    long press on toggles to bring up settings menu (on the buttons, not text)
    new on/off icons for toggles/correctly spaced
    battery bar revamp
    -animations while charging
    -mirrored-center style for OCD folks
    ability to place it on your nav bar
    WebOS recents window toggle
    fixed volume wake and volume skip controls not playing together nicely
    added ability to disable boot animation
    added ability to disable bugmailer

    Updated Gralloc
    Adreno proprietary libs from latest Sensation Leak
    Lots of new features in Quattro Control
    Quad/Octo lockscreen
    Performance settings moved to Quattro Contro

    Fixed Superuser international names
    Camera works (credits to zbwu86) (I recommend to use LG Camera app from Market. Works better than stock app)
    Other minor fixes & tweaks

    Enabled "Volume wake" function
    Fixed Restart
    Fixed MMS send/receive
    (Quattro Control) Updated translations
    Updated Trebuchet
    Fixed IME notifications toggle in statusbar
    (PowerSaver) Don't enable when phone call is active/ringing

    Beta 8
    Fixed Airplane toggle
    New toggles button style
    Added "Volume music control" function
    (Quattro Control) Italian translations
    Added custom app picker for lockscreen sms
    Disabled LED settings (not compatible with our devices)
    Added Quad targets lockscreen options
    New lockscreen layouts (Camera for future use)
    Changed Music app icons

    Beta 7
    New kernel V5 (new acpu table, updated GPU drivers)
    Added toggles icons
    Scrolling toggles
    Allow clock to be pure white
    Removed voltage settings (for now)
    Update drag handle with proper size
    New icon for Performance settings
    (Quattro Control) French translations
    (Quattro Control) Added a custom hex input (Clock settings)
    Updated SU binary
    Updated Google+ app
    Updated Google Maps
    Added ES File Explorer

    Beta 6
    New kernel (updates in kgsl & genlock)
    Disabled lockscreen rotation (again)
    Added HOT Reboot (Restart) option
    Added CPU settings (OC/Voltage(Not Supported by Kernel)/Governors)
    Added "Hide Adb Notification" option (Developers settings)
    Added Dream Screensaver
    Camera app removed

    Beta 5
    Fixed CRT animation
    Added lockscreen rotation
    New toggles for notification widget

    Beta 4
    (Trebuchet) Homescreen scroll options
    ADB via Network (Developer Options) To connect type
    3 Shortcuts on Lock Screen
    Quattro Control RU PL DE HU translations
    New Quattro Control icon in settings

    Beta 3
    Added ROMControl (Quattro Tweaks) (credits to Romanbb!!!) (WIP)
    Added Torch app
    Improved lockscreen shortcuts (WIP)
    Changed About phone info style
    Added "Long-press back button kill app" function
    Power Save function (WIP)
    "Volume cursor" function
    ADB over network function (ADB connect)
    Customizable power toggles (WIP)
    Customizable clock styles (WIP)
    Customizable battery styles (WIP)

    Beta 2
    New kernel with speed improvements & optimizations
    Fixed Gallery glitches when playing video (in the upper left corner)
    Activated Wi-Fi Direct Settings
    Replaced camera lockscreen button (now its sound on/off)
    Fixed SQL issue
    Lots minor fixes & tweaks
    Latest fixes & patches from CAF

    Beta 1:
    Initial release

    Other Stuff

    • Flow-Wolf for his nice video demonstrating the ROM
    • CM Team for APM
    • Roman Brig
    • Giulio Cervera
    • Codeaurora Forum

    Bug Tracker can be found Du mußt dich Registrieren um diesen Link sehen zu können. Hier klicken und kostenlos Registrieren. When reporting bugs please provide as much info as possible, including logcats and screenshots.


    Make sure you do a full wipe before flashing this!!!

    Du mußt dich Registrieren um diesen Link sehen zu können. Hier klicken und kostenlos Registrieren
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 27. Januar 2012
    Shedula21 und rsc74 gefällt das.

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