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    Release Notes:

    Rhythm Zone is the future of real music gaming. Pick any song from
    your music library and experience the exciting falling-note beat-matching gameplay set to surreal background visuals. Rhythm Zone supports USB-based plug and playcontrollers.
    Play Your Music. Regardless of your taste in music, you can play your favorite songs. Rhythm Zone supports a wide variety of file types and will identify most common songs against our database.

    Focus Power: Hit note streaks to earn score multipliers and the ability to unleash your inner rock star.

    Visualizers: Dynamic background visualizers that are based on your music and performance; create a unique game experience each time you play!

    Updates: But wait - there's more! Downloadable song packs and
    content updates on the horizon.

    Rhythm Zone Update 2:

    - Unicode Support

    - New "Play My Music" results screen implemented that features current

    - Friend and Global leaderboard status, and presents current or former high scores

    - High Score and Global High Score are now presented on the Song Info screen

    - New in-game HUD elements compare current scores to previously obtained high scores, and updates when a previous high score is surpassed

    RIPPED: Nothing

    Install Notes:

    1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or quivalent
    2. Install by running unl-rzu2.exe (remember to locate your main RIP
    location and install into it)
    3. Start game with rhythmzone.exe
    4. enjoy!

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    Plattform: Windows
    Sprache: multi
    Hoster: [​IMG]oder bei [​IMG]
    Größe: 353 MB
    Passwort: nicht nötig kein Passwort

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