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    Powerful Radio coverage planning in your pocket out to 100km.
    See where you can communicate to with just a few clicks with the original Android pocket RF planning coverage calculator for phones and tablets.Service powered by dedicated servers at CloudRF.com using NASA SRTM terrain data with 99% Global coverage and the VHF/UHF Irregular Terrain Model (ITM), giving you accurate predictions between 20 and 20,000MHz. Requires internet connection and radio knowledge.
    Support: support@cloudrf.com
    Test it for free with the demo version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudrf.android.signal
    This App is ideal for the following technologies and radio user groups:
    Systems: DAB, DVB, GSM 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Marine VHF, PMR, TETRA, PTT, WiFi, WiMax
    Groups: Emergency services (Ambulance, Coastguard, Fire, Forestry, Police), Amateur/Ham enthusiasts, Armed Forces/Military, Construction industry, Event organisers, Government, Maritime/Private Security, WISPs.
    Application features - Full version:
    * 100Km/63Mi max radius
    * User defined resolutions from ~70m.
    * KML enabled - Save to SD card and view in Google Earth
    * Offline Archive - Disconnect from internet and use layers from SD card
    * Multi layer - View coverage of multiple emitters at once
    * Save location choice - Internal memory / SD card choice
    * GPS enabled for location tracking
    * Clutter layers - Random and defined
    * Map pan with Latitude/Longitude in decimal degrees
    * Frequency: 20MHz to 20GHz (VHF-UHF-SHF)
    * Isotropic antenna
    * Effective Radiated Power (ERP) in Watts
    * SRTM2 elevation data with 99% Global coverage accurate to 90m
    * Full Google Maps integration with Satellite layer choice
    * Metric / Imperial units (m / f)
    * Antenna Polarisation (H / V)
    * Transmit and Receive mast heights (Above Ground Level)
    * Receiver sensitivity in either dB / dBm / dBµV/m
    * Terrain type for electrical conductivity
    * Path Loss (dB)
    * Received power (dBm)
    * Field Strength (dBµV/m)
    * Colour keys for dB,dBm,dBµV/m
    * Transparency slider
    * Colour choices for efficiency
    * Save settings as template
    * Searchable radio database
    Full user manual available in app menu or at: https://m.cloudrf.com/app/
    Service status available at:
    1) SD card access - Needed to store the overlay(s).
    2) Internet connection - to communicate with server.
    3) GPS - to locate your position for mobile users (opt in)
    Compatible devices:
    Works with all popular Android devices from 2.1+.
    Farrant Consulting Ltd accept no liability for how you interpret or use data from this service. It is your responsibility to supply accurate input and verify results before using them for the deployment of your network(s).

    Google Play Store



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