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Bildung Proloquo2Go

Dieses Thema im Forum "Apple Apps" wurde erstellt von shogun2224, 19. September 2013.

  1. shogun2224

    shogun2224 Elite Lord Supporter

    17. Juli 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Diese App wurde sowohl für das iPhone als auch für das iPad konzipiert
    Kategorie: Bildung
    Aktualisiert: 11.09.2013
    Version: 3.0.3
    Größe: 311 MB
    Sprache: Englisch
    Entwickler: AssistiveWare B.V.
    © 2008-2013 AssistiveWare
    Kompatibilität: Erfordert iOS 5.1 oder neuer. Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.
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    Proloquo2Go® provides a “voice” to over 75,000 individuals around the world, who are unable to speak or have difficulty speaking. Proloquo2Go enables people to talk using symbols or typed text in a natural-sounding voice that suits their age and character.

    “Users can open Proloquo2Go and begin to use it for effective communication immediately.” - Susan Berkowitz, MS-SLP, AAC Consultant.

    Proloquo2Go, an award-winning Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution from AssistiveWare®, is for anyone who cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on a dedicated AAC device and yet wants a solution that is just as good if not better. SLPs, teachers, and parents recommend Proloquo2Go for children and adults with autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS, stroke, or traumatic brain injury.

    Introduced in 2009, Proloquo2Go was the first AAC app for iOS devices and the first to include genuine children voices. Features include:

    √ American, British, Australian and Indian English natural sounding Text to Speech voices, including several fun character voices. All voices are free!

    √ Genuine American English (Josh and Ella), British English (Harry and Rosie) and Australian (Liam and Olivia) children voices co-developed by AssistiveWare and Acapela Group.

    √ Two researched-based vocabularies, Core Word and Basic Communication, provide a solid communication platform that can be quickly tailored to individuals needs, skills, environment, personality and language level using Proloquo2Go’s innovative VocaPriority™ system.

    √ ExpressivePower™ for adding prerecorded expressions and sounds to individual buttons. Coupled with the many free specialty voices, users have a wide range of voice versatility to help get their point across and spice up conversations. (New in 3.0)

    √ Adaptive switch access via standard external switches or by tapping anywhere on the screen, for those with physical access challenges. (New in 3.0)

    √ Select on Release option for those with difficulty keeping just one finger on the screen. (New in 3.0)

    √ Intuitive, powerful and easy to use editing interface for customizing pages, folders and buttons.

    √ Symbols and images – choose from 14,000 high-resolution SymbolStix™ symbols, your photo library, or take a photo right inside Proloquo2Go.

    √ Social sharing - use email, Facebook, SMS, or Twitter to share your words, from right inside Proloquo2Go. (New in 3.0)

    √ Automatic grammar conjugation support for language learning and efficient production of grammatically correct sentences using Ultralingua technology.

    √ Self-learning, multi-word prediction in the typing view for literate users and developing spellers.

    √ Support for multiple Proloquo2Go users on one device, each with their own customized vocabulary and settings.

    √ Easy backup and restore via iTunes File Sharing, WiFi, and Dropbox.

    √ Purchase once - customers do not have to buy Proloquo2Go twice to run on iPhone and iPad.

    √ No active internet connection required for operation.

    Additional Notes:

    • Educational institutions can get a 50% discount on Proloquo2Go if they purchase 20 or more licenses through Apple’s Volume Licensing Program for Education (available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and the US.).

    • Proloquo2Go includes American English Ryan (adult, male) and Tracy (adult, female) voices. Additional American, British, Australian and Indian English adult and children’s voices can be downloaded over WiFi free of charge.

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