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    Pocket Informant Pro - Events, Tasks, Notes, Contacts

    Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Erfordert iOS 5.1 oder neuer. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    Be a Productivity Ninja: Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Contacts. Built with over 10 years of mobile calendaring prowess, we've focused on the best user experience for the power user - as well as those who need just a bit more than the built-in apps provide.

    • NEW ”CLEAR” INTERFACE - a brand new redesigned interface that is beautiful, flat, and easy to use
    • EVERNOTE SYNC - sync your notebooks, tags, notes, and attachments (stacks, todos and tables not supported yet)
    • RICH TEXT EDITOR for notes
    • WEATHER (available as an in-app purchase) to show weather in all calendar views
    • NATURAL LANGUAGE EVENT AND TASK CREATION - Enter phrases like “Coffee with Mom every Tuesday at 6am”. Pocket Informant will understand and set your event accordingly. Currently, only available for English.
    • PROJECTS can now have a due date, a default template, be set to automatically complete, use parallel/sequential/single-task “next action” modes, and more!
    • CHECKLISTS - create checklists for your tasks that involve lists of stuff (like grocery shopping, packing, etc)
    • TODAY VIEW now shows Tomorrow, plus is fully customizable with Smart Filters and more!
    • PI ONLINE EMAIL TO TASK CONVERSION - Subscribers can now email Pocket Informant Online to automatically create tasks that sync down to Pocket Informant!

    • VIEWS - Today, List (Agenda), Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Task, Notes, Contacts Views
    • INTEGRATED - show Events and Tasks together either what's "in progress" or just what's due
    • SYNC - access iOS Events & Reminders directly, or sync with Google Calendar/Tasks, Toodledo, Evernote, or our very own subscription service "Pocket Informant Online" for the best sync experience.
    • FILTER - use Tags or Calendars to filter your events, tasks, or notes
    • TEMPLATES - create Templates to quickly generate events or tasks - even tasks with subtasks!
    • TASKS - powerful task manager supports checklists, subtasks, recurrences - or if you prefer just use our Simple Task mode - its up to you!
    • SMART FILTERS - create your own custom dynamically filtered lists of tasks
    • EVENT LOCATION MAPS - tap a button and show today's events mapped out for you, tap on the event and get directions (integrates with Google Maps, iOS Maps and Navigon)
    • TASK LOCATION ALERTS - get alerted when you get near a location for a specific task, or assign a location to a Context and get alerted for a group of tasks
    • NOTES - create rich text notes and VOICE NOTES organized however you like!
    • CONTACTS - view your contacts by letter, company, photo, or Contact Group; create events or tasks from a contact; assign contacts to a group
    • RECURRENCES - supports simple (every day/week/month/year) or complex (e.g. 4th Friday of every other month)
    • CUSTOMIZABLE - we give you the options you need to customize the way Informant works as well as how it looks. ISO week numbers, event & task defaults, month & week view layouts - all at your command.
    • COLORS/ICONS - use Calendar or Tag coloring to visually make your organized calendar or task list more readable
    • UNIVERSAL - runs on all your iOS devices with one purchase! Other apps cost more than twice as much and have separate versions for iPhone and iPad!

    For a simplified version, check out Pocket Informant Go! which offers streamlined Calendar and Task management at a very affordable price.

    If you have any questions, please visit the links below or ask by sending an email to

    Read more about Pocket Informant Online, our complete sync solution:
    Read more about Pocket Informant Pro and get our reference guide:
    Check our Twitter Page:
    Check out our active user based forums:

    Pocket Informant™ is trademarked Web Information Solutions, Inc.


    Version: 3.01
    Größe: 8.6 MB
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