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    Photo Transfer App allows you to easily transfer, share and backup photos and videos from your Android device to your computer as well as exchange photos from and to another Android, iPhone or iPad using your wifi network.

    -- TRANSFER PHOTOS FROM ANDROID TO COMPUTER (AND VICE VERSA) --★ Easily download multiple photos and videos from your Android Device to any computer on the same wifi network★ Upload multiple photos from your computer to your device (photos and videos are saved to the 'Photo Transfer' album on the Gallery)
    -- FROM ANDROID TO ANDROID --★ Transfer photos and videos from one android device to another★ Transfer photos in a few seconds over wifi, no cables necessary
    -- FROM ANDROID TO IPHONE OR IPAD (AND VICE VERSA) --★ Transfer photos from your Android device to an iPhone or iPad★ Send photos from an iPhone or iPad to your Android device* To transfer photos from Android to iPhone/iPad both devices need to have this app installed* NOTE: Transfer of videos between iPhone/iPad and Android is currently NOT supported
    -- REQUIREMENTS --* Access to a wifi network is required for this application to work* Some public wifi networks like at hotels or public spaces are configured to block communication between devices* To transfer from device to device both of them need to have this app installed
    Visit our website for more information:, contact us if you have any question: support-android@phototransferapp.comTags: transfer, import, sync, upload, download, photos, pictures, pics, videos

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