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    Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    Partia is a SRPG (Strategy Role-playing) video game inspired by Fire Emblem and Tear Ring Saga series. In a high fantasy setting, the game will take players through an adventure where magic and sword collide and friendship and betrayal intertwine.

    In version 1.0.3
    - Graphics Optimized for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5!
    - Arena now has 2 vs 2 and 2 vs 1 mode (PVP coming soon at 1.0.4)
    - Game is now fully D-Pad controllable at Intermission (iCade support will be in at 1.0.4)
    - You can heal units at Inn using Crowns and Potions
    - Introducing 'horse rule' that increases attack power with distance traveled
    - New unit type Ballista (Only at Stage 5 though)
    -Minimum iOS version is now 4.3 meaning iPhone 3G support is discontinued.

    In version 1.0.2
    - Improved enemy A.I.
    - Faster gameplay option
    - Faster dialog option
    - Single tap menu button option

    You can access the options either in-game or at the title screen menu.

    Thank you guys for your reviews and suggestions. Good ones encourage us and bad ones humble us.

    I am constantly fixing bugs that are brought up to me and trying to change things that bother people. It takes time since I am just one guy (Imago Software is only two guys) dealing with many issues. Still things will improve in future updates that I'm working on.

    Meanwhile, obviously this is a paid game and I don't want to disappoint or cheat people out of their money.

    Here's a gameplay video from TouchArcade's Sanuku (Thank you!):

    This may help with your purchase decision! Also our own video that include game tutorials are at

    @Matthew Haralson
    Yes, the minor character development was very weak. More dialogs will be written in part of effort to more complete game experience!

    @Tony Peniyoung
    I was going to answer your concern but didn't really get the message!

    Wow, having big battle animations will be really cool. Number 1 in my wish list too. Simply there was no budget and it looks like there will be no budget in the future, either- looking at the sales.

    @Many who wanted more stages
    I had random map generation for more guild quests, but I couldn't get the quality right yet. Random really never worked with the element of strategy, and became just a brute fighting.
    Partia 2 was planned for 25 stages that wraps up the story, but at 600 games sold, well, I wonder if I could ever get enough budget.

    I know it is not as convenient as having a restart button, but you could suspend the game and load the last save data to restart the stage from the beginning.

    It would be a bug if you have an attack option without having a valid target, but I can't seem to reproduce it. To cancel the attack while targeting, you could press 'B' button (that's the inside button) or you could choose a target then select No.

    I will try my best to answer any question! You could also email me to:


    Version: 1.0.3
    Größe: 32.3 MB

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