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omnikey fritzbox

Dieses Thema im Forum "Fritzbox Archiv" wurde erstellt von ernestolinch, 23. April 2010.

  1. ernestolinch

    ernestolinch Newbie

    23. November 2009
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    hello to all people i have compiled driver and library for usb-reader omnikey i tested a 3021 model on my 7170 and work very well with oscam-cccam better than smargo
    for install driver and lib i have unpacked and repacked my image but i don'tknow if is possible install the package out of the router. for start correct device i have write a command in section freetz-----rc.custom
    /usr/sbin/pcscd -d
    and late i start manually from freetz menu oscam and cccam and all work fine

    i tested omnikey 3021 but this the list of supported readers

    <string>Gemplus Gem e-Seal Pro</string>
    <string>Gemplus GemPC Twin</string>
    <string>Gemplus GemPC Key</string>
    <string>Gemplus GemPC Pinpad</string>
    <string>Gemplus GemCore POS Pro</string>
    <string>Gemplus GemCore SIM Pro</string>
    <string>Gemplus GemPC Express</string>
    <string>Gemplus GemPC433 SL</string>
    <string>Gemalto Prox Dual</string>
    <string>Gemalto Prox SU</string>
    <string>Smart Enterprise Guardian</string>
    <string>Verisign Secure Token</string>
    <string>VeriSign Secure Storage Token</string>
    <string>Gemalto PDT</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 331-DI</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 333</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 335</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 3310</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 3320</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 3340 ExpressCard54</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 3310 NTTCom</string>
    <string>Axalto Reflex USB v3</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 3311</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 331-DI NTTCom</string>
    <string>SCM SDI 010</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 331</string>
    <string>SCM SCR 355</string>
    <string>SCM SPR 532</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 1021</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 3121</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 3621</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 3821</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 4321</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 5121</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 5125</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 5321</string>
    <string>OmniKey CardMan 6121</string>
    <string>Smart Card Reader</string>
    <string>Teo by Xiring</string>
    <string>C3PO LTC31</string>
    <string>C3PO TLTC2USB</string>
    <string>C3PO LTC32 USBv2 with keyboard support</string>
    <string>C3PO KBR36</string>
    <string>C3PO LTC32</string>
    <string>C3PO TLTC2USB</string>
    <string>ActivCard USB Reader 3.0</string>
    <string>Activkey Sim</string>
    <string>Silitek SK-3105</string>
    <string>Dell keyboard SK-3106</string>
    <string>Dell smart card reader keyboard</string>
    <string>Cherry XX33</string>
    <string>Cherry XX44</string>
    <string>Cherry ST1044U</string>
    <string>Cherry SmartTerminal ST-2XXX</string>
    <string>Cherry SmartBoard XX1X</string>
    <string>Cherry SmartTerminal XX1X</string>
    <string>ACS ACR 38U-CCID</string>
    <string>ACS ACR122U PICC Interface</string>
    <string>O2 Micro Oz776</string>
    <string>O2 Micro Oz776</string>
    <string>KOBIL KAAN Base</string>
    <string>KOBIL KAAN Advanced</string>
    <string>KOBIL KAAN SIM III</string>
    <string>KOBIL EMV CAP - SecOVID Reader III</string>
    <string>KOBIL mIDentity M</string>
    <string>KOBIL mIDentity XL</string>
    <string>Eutron Digipass 860</string>
    <string>Eutron SIM Pocket Combo</string>
    <string>Eutron Smart Pocket</string>
    <string>Eutron CryptoIdentity</string>
    <string>Eutron CryptoIdentity</string>
    <string>Athena ASE IIIe</string>
    <string>Athena ASEDrive IIIe KB</string>
    <string>HP USB Smart Card Keyboard</string>
    <string>HP USB Smartcard Reader</string>
    <string>HP MFP Smart Card Reader</string>
    <string>id3 CL1356D</string>
    <string>id3 CL1356A HID</string>
    <string>Alcor Micro AU9520</string>
    <string>Alcor Micro SCR001</string>
    <string>RSA SecurID</string>
    <string>Fujitsu Siemens SmartCard Keyboard USB 2A</string>
    <string>Fujitsu Siemens SmartCard USB 2A</string>
    <string>Sitecom USB simcard reader MD-010</string>
    <string>SchlumbergerSema Cyberflex Access</string>
    <string>Philips JCOP41V221</string>
    <string>Philips SmartMX</string>
    <string>GnD CardToken 350</string>
    <string>GnD CardToken 550</string>
    <string>Lenovo Integrated Smart Card Reader</string>
    <string>Charismathics token</string>
    <string>Blutronics Bludrive II CCID</string>
    <string>Covadis Alya</string>
    <string>Covadis Vega</string>
    <string>Vasco DP905</string>
    <string>Validy TokenA sl vt</string>
    <string>SpringCard CrazyWriter</string>
    <string>SpringCard CSB6 Basic</string>
    <string>SpringCard CSB6 Secure</string>
    <string>SpringCard CSB6 Ultimate</string>
    <string>SpringCard EasyFinger Standard</string>
    <string>SpringCard EasyFinger Ultimate</string>
    <string>SpringCard Prox'N'Roll</string>
    <string>OCS ID-One Cosmo Card</string>
    <string>Aladdin eToken PRO USB 72K Java</string>
    <string>Atmel AT91SO</string>
    <string>Atmel AT98SC032CT</string>
    <string>Atmel AT91SC192192CT-USB ICCD</string>
    <string>KONA USB SmartCard</string>
    <string>Xiring XI-SIGN USB V2</string>
    <string>VMware Virtual USB CCID</string>
    <string>MSI StarReader SMART</string>
    <string>Aktiv Rutoken Magistra</string>
    <string>Aktiv Rutoken ECP</string>
    <string>TianYu CCID SmartKey</string>
    <string>Precise 250 MC</string>
    <string>Precise 200 MC</string>
    <string>Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB VM/CCID</string>
    <string>Feitian SCR301</string>
    <string>Softforum XecureHSM</string>
    <string>Neowave Weneo</string>
    <string>Neowave Weneo</string>
    <string>Synnix STD200</string>
    <string>Panasonic USB Smart Card Reader 7A-Smart</string>
    <string>ActivCard USB Reader 2.0</string>
    <string>C3PO LTC31</string>

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