Nexus 7 GO Launcher EX Theme

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    Nexus 7 GO Launcher EX Theme_v2.0



    Ultimate Nexus 7 Theme is a brand new premium theme optimized for GO Launcher EX, also works with other supporting home screen apps.Huge selection of ultra-clean icons, stunning wallpapers, and dock bars makes Ultimate Nexus 7 Theme the most quality and customizable theme for GO Launcher EX!
    This is the PRO (ad-free) version!
    + Ultimate Nexus Wallpaper Pack with Wallpaper Picker - Ten ultra high-resolution, custom-designed HD wallpapers, featuring Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 inspired design. This exclusive wallpaper set includes The Nexus Flagship (Light & Dark versions), Broken Nexus Glass, and Bright Nexus Glass, Black Nexus Hive, The Grid (two versions), Hyper Space, Linear Glow, and Ultimate Nexus Logo wallpapers. Theme also includes a wallpaper picker for easy wallpaper switching, simply press Menu > Wallpaper > Ultimate Nexus 7 Wallpapers
    + Ultimate Nexus Icon Pack - Over 400+ meticulously styled Ultimate Nexus 7 icons, individually cleaned, resized and styled with custom Nexus 4 style glowing dot effects, encapsulated in ultra slick glass with a Nexus 7 inspired bezel. Ultimate Nexus 7 icon pack themes all Google apps, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, GO Apps, and most popular apps.
    + Over 150+ Custom Dock Bar Icons - This icon pack also includes THREE sets of specially designed dock bar icons, with support for GO Launcher EX Notification (Chaton, Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Google Voice, Email, etc). Specialty con sets include Official Nexus 7 Dock plug-in style, Nexus 7 Back (Bottom), and Nexus 7 Back (Top). Feel free to e-mail any requests you may have.
    + Ultimate Nexus 7 Dock Bar Pack - This theme includes four Nexus 7 inspired dock bars (Official Nexus 7 Dock style in light and dark, Bottom Back and Top design). designed to use with included special icon sets!
    + Ultimate Themed App Drawer - Ultimate Nexus 7 designed App Drawer, featuring ten background designs, custom tabs, icons, memory gauge, menus, and more!
    + GO Media Manager Support Included - App Drawer includes support for GO Media Manager, featuring a custom menu and special Nexus color buttons for Video, Music, and Audio files.
    + Ultimate Nexus Menu - Theme features a custom designed Ultimate Nexus menu with specially designed icons, glow effects, background, and text colors.
    + Custom designed Nexus 7 styled folder icons, folder backgrounds, text fields, and menus.
    + Matching 'Ultimate Nexus 7 Themes' for GO SMS Pro, GO Contacts, GO Locker, and more coming soon!
    This is a theme (like a skin) for GO Launcher EX, it may not open on its own.
    You must install the free home screen app "GO Launcher EX" and apply it.
    To apply full theme using GO Launcher EX:
    Open GO LAUNCHER EX > Press Menu > Themes > Ultimate Nexus 7 GO Launcher Theme > Apply
    Please e-mail if you have any other suggestions, questions, or concerns.

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