New Filesystem Image for Qbox HD

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    27. Januar 2008
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    Very good and stable image(for my opinion) for qbox hd.
    A lot of bugs fixed:
    Rel. 2009.06.19

    - Fixed several critical bugs in e2:
    #222 Sometimes tune failed when zapping from HD to SD
    #242 Volume at start-up is too high
    #240 Factory reset doesn't work
    #243 HDD menu is not visible
    - Fixed several minor bugs in e2:
    #66 e2 doesn't display a clear channel after a n/a service
    #175 Remove the <n/a> directory in Favorites
    #163 Language selection in Wizard was not enabled
    #249 Disable HDD Stand-by until we support HDD SATA
    #235 Zapping with number buttons with settings do not work
    #168 The CI menus haven't auto-update of the label
    #172 Sometimes crashes when pressing "exit" many times in the CI menu
    #174 Crash when there isn't a card and press ok in ATR menu item
    #239 Audio saturation in radio channels
    #178 Crash when extracting both CAMs simultaneously
    #248 Proc file stb/misc/12V_output doesn't exist
    - Updated SCART driver: Regulate the volume from 10dB a 6dB
    - Updates 2lcamd app: #233 2lcamd problems with unsupported cards
    - Fixed feeder app: #211 Recording >2 GB is not supported

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