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Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken-Eng) Collection (Intel - CXSkin)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Archiv" wurde erstellt von digiman87, 25. April 2011.

  1. digiman87

    digiman87 Ist gelegentlich hier

    9. Januar 2011
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Moorhuhn (Crazy Chicken-Eng) Collection (Intel - CXSkin)
    Mac OS X (Intel - CXSkin) | English | Focus Multimedia | 1.36 GB
    Genre: Collection
    Moorhuhn (distributed as Crazy Chicken in Englishspeaking countries) is a German casual game franchise for PCs and the Nintendo DS. It consists of more than 30 games, the first of which a shoot em up was Germanys most popular computer game in the early 2000s.
    The Moorhuhn character is a brainchild of Ingo Mesche. The game (now distributed as Die Original Moorhuhn Jagd) was developed by the Dutch
    Witan studios, the Art Department advertising agency and Ingo Mesche as an advertisement for Johnnie Walker whisky in 1999. The games
    objective was to shoot down, through a pointandclick interface, as many cartoonish swamp chickens (German: Moorhuhner; literally
    moorhens, ie. willow grouses) as possible in 90 seconds.
    From 2000 onwards the game was officially made available for download by Art Department.It became wildly popular in Germanspeaking
    Europe, to the point of being denounced in the media as a threat to the bottom line of businesses, on account of the number of hours wasted by employees playing the game.
    Included are Moorhuhn Shooter games 1, 2, 3, Winter Edition, X, Wanted and Piraten as well as the racing games Moorhuhn Kart 1 & 2.
    Set resolution is 640x480. Higher resolutions are not supported. CD check has been compromised. Nothing was ripped.
    Known Issues:
    None as of yet.
    Please note that this game has not been tested on Macs with GMA 950 chipsets but is likely to work.

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