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    Mockups2Android is the missing link between UX design and development. You’ve created the perfect Android UX using Balsamiq Mockups but before spending the time and money having a developer produce it, you want to try it out in front of the client. Showing them using a laptop or pieces of paper just isn’t working. Mockups2Android will.Mockups2Android (m2a) is an Android application that reads your Balsamiq Mockup files and creates your UX on the phone or tablet, using real Android controls and using the real data you entered. Imagine being able to let your client actually try out your design on a phone, letting them navigate through screens, enter text, scroll through lists, interact with maps and much more. With m2a it’s all possible. If you want to move a button or introduce a whole new screen into the flow, you can do it in seconds by making the changes in Mockups and m2a will do the rest. No code, no time, just the perfect prototyping tool.
    All screen sizes are supported. Check out the Download section of our website for free screen controls.
    Try before you buy with our Demo version. It has all the features of the full application, but linking between screens is disabled.
    To get started quickly check out our Video Tutorials and Examples in the Tutorials section of
    For volume discounts, see the Buy section of
    If you have any problems or need any help or support check out our website. If you are still need help send an email to us at
    Mockups2Android, the missing link in Android UX development.

    Known Issues
    - Symbols with control changes that are only made in the Mockup they are shown in are not honored. Either make the change on the actual Symbol or break apart the symbol into a group for the Mockup you need modified.

    Google Play Store




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