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Produktivität MobileBiz Pro - Invoice

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android App Angebote" wurde erstellt von ercep, 3. Januar 2015.

  1. ercep

    ercep <span style="font-weight: bold; color:navy">Upload Supporter

    29. April 2014
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    MobileBiz Pro - Invoice_v1.19.23

    22. Dezember 2014


    MobileBiz Pro is a feature-packed sales and billing app for Android. This is a "must-have" if you're doing invoicing on the field. Your data is neatly organized in the app and so you don’t worry about paperwork.
    One time payment to use all features, that's it!
    If you need multi-user and device sync capabilities, get **MobileBiz Co** instead.
    Key features
    • Easy invoicing from your phone or tablet
    • Built-in customer statements, multiple companies, signature, and report features (no need to purchase separately)
    • Supports your local taxes, currency, and date formats
    • Track statuses of sales and accept payments
    • Track overall customer balance, invoice cost and profit
    • Customizable templates with lots of configuration options
    Installed on phones and tablets in many countries, invoices can be sent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. For other languages, templates can be manually edited inside app.
    MobileBiz Pro is helping many small businesses and entrepreneurs since 2010. It is ideal for,
    • contractors, consultants
    • electricians, mechanics, plumbers
    • computer and tech services, automotive services
    • house maintenance, cleaning services, installation services
    • delivery services, design services
    • and many more
    The app easily pays for itself and is clearly the best value for your money. Don't settle for less.
    See our detailed list of features:
    Sales transactions
    * Create estimates, sales orders, cash sales, invoices
    * Invoices can be emailed, sent by sms, or printed
    * Send customer statements
    * Recurring invoices
    * Create your own reports
    * Import data from Quickbooks
    * Multiple pricing feature
    * Capture signature on invoices
    * Convert estimates to invoices
    * Flexible tax setup (No tax, single tax, two taxes, tax-inclusive option)
    * Add your own tax codes, payment methods, or sale statuses
    * Auto tax setup for selected countries
    * Apply discounts and shipping charges
    * Use your own transaction numbers
    * Get customers from phone contacts
    * Can lock app and open by PIN
    * Attach files to transactions
    * Use your company logo
    * Very professional looking printouts (PDF or HTML)
    * Print/preview invoices (portrait/landscape orientation, letter/A4/legal page sizes)
    * Send payment receipts
    * Print invoices directly to wifi printer (use external apps)
    * Change print color themes
    * Print almost any information on invoice
    * Send invoices by email or sms, both use templates that can be customized
    * Cc or blind copy yourself when sending invoices by email
    * Include PayPal links to pay invoices
    * Reports for sales, taxes, profitability, and inventory
    * Alerts for estimates, bills and due invoices
    * Track payments (cash, credit cards, checks or your own payment method)
    * Track customer balance
    * Track cost of goods sold per invoice
    * Take notes for invoices, customers, and even items
    * Inventory level tracking
    * Customize print templates, email templates, sms templates
    * Add custom fields for your custom data
    * Maintain your own catalog of goods and services
    * Supports barcode scanning
    * Out of Stock Items report
    Data management
    * Automated scheduled backup
    * Restore from backup (Dropbox or sdcard)
    * Import/export by CSV (Dropbox or sdcard)
    * Import data from Quickbooks
    Permissions request:
    - FINE (GPS) LOCATION - to optionally use current location as customer's address on invoice
    - READ CONTACT DATA - to get phone contact info and enter it as customer on invoice
    - FULL INTERNET ACCESS - for Dropbox backup/export; generate PDF printouts
    - STORAGE - to store backup/export files on sdcard

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