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    If you do swim, easy athletics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, or any other sports, and want to keep track of all your achievements, take advantage of our a training notebook.*New* French language added!
    *New* Tabata Timer added!German and Italian languages added.Install "Gym Book" on your Android-device and get access to the following:
    - Creation of a training program with an arbitrary number of training days
    - The establishment of various training cycles
    - Conducting training of the selected training program
    - Mapping of growth results in the exercises in each set
    - Display statistics after the completion of training
    - Maintenance of statistics of the results of training
    - Charting, mapping the dynamics of change in weight training
    - Plotting on a monthly average
    - Import and export training history
    - View the table classification standards of various federations, as well as create their own tables, specifications and work with them
    - The presence of short instructions to get started fast and detailed assistance to all sections of the application
    - Planning of training (sets and reps)
    - 1RM (repeat maximum) calculator
    - Timers rest time between sets and exercises
    - Maintenance of measurement (anthropometric parameters and photos)
    - Exercises guide, info about 250 exercises

    Features of this application:
    - Intuitive user interface
    - Does not require action to distract the user from the training process
    - A simple implementation
    - High-speed data processing
    - High relatedness data
    - Supports all modern versions of the operating system Android, starting with version 2.1This is full version with unlimited checkpoints count.

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