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    Overview: Syncit is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows for synchronization of calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks between Google and Outlook.

    Sync Outlook calendars with Google calendars
    Sync Outlook contacts with Gmail contacts
    Sync Outlook notes with Google documents
    Sync Outlook tasks with Google calendars or Google's native task list

    gSyncit does not sync directly with a mobile device since it only syncs data between Outlook and Google services. However, you can use gSyncit as part of a wireless sync solution.

    If your mobile device supports synchronization with Google (e.g. HTC Droid and Nexus One) then you can use gSyncit to sync your data between Outlook and Google data and then configure your mobile device to sync with Google using the phone's native Google sync software.

    This enables Google to act as a "conduit" for your data and removes the need for any USB based synchronization between your PC and mobile device.

    Google provides a number of mobile sync products to synchronize your mobile phone with Google services. For more information on Google mobile sync applications click here.

    Android phones do not include a way to sync notes or tasks. You can access notes on your Android based phone by installing an app like gDocs on your phone allowing mobile access to your Google documents (notes). To access tasks on your phone you need to install an app like gTasks to manage your Google tasks on your phone. Both products are supported by the developers that created them and not associated with this website.
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