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Produktivität Goodo Cal

Dieses Thema im Forum "Apple Apps" wurde erstellt von mariomoskau, 28. Juni 2013.

  1. mariomoskau

    mariomoskau Elite Lord Supporter

    26. Januar 2010
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    Goodo Cal

    Kompatibel mit iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3. Generation), iPod touch (4. Generation), iPod touch (5. Generation) und iPad. Erfordert iOS 5.0 oder neuer. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    **Featured by Apple as "New & Noteworthy" worldwide.

    Goodo Calendar is an intuitively designed and super easy-to-use calendar App. We've removed all unnecessary stuff from the interface to give you a clear and refreshing look for your future planning.

    See what our users say about Goodo:

    "Best calendar app!!! Great and simple design, excellent for adding events fast."

    "Very stylish interface and design! Thank you, I simply love it."

    "This is a really fantastic app. I love the UI and cleanness"

    "It is all I ever wanted in a calendar app."

    Main Features:
    ***Cleanest Design***

    Forget about the traditional look of calendars, Goodo calendar redesigned all of it to make the interface much simpler than ever, while managed to integrate even more functions. With Goodo, managing your schedules is no more a painful experience. You can actually relax, and let Goodo take cares of it.

    ***Stream View***
    The significant difference between Goodo calendar and others is The“Stream View”. All events are shown chronologically on timeline. you can glance every event by smoothly scrolling down the timeline. instead of switching back and forth between various views.

    ***Fast Event Creation***
    Thanks to the unique interface you can create a new event with a couple of clicks instead of filling a long boring table.

    ***Works Online And Offline***
    You can create, edit and delete events both online and offline. All changes will be synced back to your account once you have the Internet connection.

    ***Backup On The Cloud***
    Whenever your device is connected to Internet,all your schedules will automatically backed up to the cloud. You won't need to worry about important events getting lost.

    Goodo has reinvented your calendar experience to make planning your future simply enjoyable.


    "Why do I need to create an account on Goodo?"

    Some users asked us this question, and here're why we think it's important for you to have an account on Goodo, so that we can make your Goodo experience smooth and enjoyable:

    *With your account, all your data will be synced across multiple devices and you can access them whenever and wherever;

    *Everything is automatically backed up into your account on the cloud, to ensure your plans will never get lost.

    Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. And thank you for choosing Goodo Calendar.


    Version: 1.1.1
    Größe: 1.8 MB
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