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G-Stomper - Drum Machine

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Archiv" wurde erstellt von angola_prison, 8. April 2013.

  1. angola_prison

    angola_prison Elite Lord

    11. Januar 2013
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    G-Stomper - Drum Machine_v2.4.4

    29. März 2013



    ** settings > sound > auto-haptic > disable **G-Stomper is a highly optimized Drum Machine/Groovebox for doing electronic live performances
    - Max 24 Sequencer Tracks + 24 Accent Tracks (full version)
    (Android 2.x = 12 Tracks, Android 3+ = 24 Tracks)
    - 8-Octave Piano Roll (switchable)
    - Powerful Audio Output
    - Audio Output Format: 16bit, 44.1kHz, Stereo
    - Internal DSP Format: 32bit float, 44.1kHz, Stereo
    - WAV Export Formats (full version): 8bit/16bit/32bit float, 22.05kHz/44.1kHz, mono/stereo
    - Supported User-Sample Formats:
    Uncompressed wav, aif, aiff, snd
    Bit Rates: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 32, 32 float, 64 float
    All Sample Rates (tested from 6kHz to 192kHz)
    Mono, Stereo
    - 3 Chainable Effect Processors
    - 1 Sum Effect Processor
    - Up to 24 12dB Filter Sections (1 per Track)
    - 27 Effect Types
    Compressor, Limiter, Chorus/Flanger *, Phaser *, Static Phaser (no LFO), Vibrato *, Auto Panner *, X-Delay *, Short Delay, Reverb, Pitch Shifter, Stereo Enhancer, Exciter, Bottom Booster, Bit Crusher, Waveshaper, Distortion, Bender Distortion, 7 Filter types **, 2 Equalizers
    * Tempo Sync
    ** Envelope Follower
    - Master Panorama/Volume (Pre-/Post- sum EFX switchable)
    - Sample Normalize (each Track)
    - 16 concurrent (preloaded) Patterns within 1 Pattern Set.
    - Pattern Length: 1..128 steps
    - Beat Types: 16th, 32th, 64th, 8th triple,16th triple, 32th triple
    - Last Step: 1..16 (for asynchronous beats)
    - Shuffle/Swing (per Pattern): 50..75 (+ step selection)
    - Shuffle/Swing ON/OFF Switch for each Track
    - Tempo: 60.0..300.0 bpm
    - Tempo Lock to keep the Tempo on Pattern changes
    - Stop Lock to keep the Sequencer Running on locked Screen
    - Modulation/Motion Sequencing Support for..:
    - Track Parameters (each Track): Accent Amount, Panorama, Volume, Sample Start Point, Sample Length, Sample Pitch, Filter Type, Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Envelope Assign: Gate/Filter Cutoff/Pitch, Envelope: Linear/Exponential, Envelope Reverse, Sample Reverse, Efx send
    - Effect Parameters (each EFX): Parameter 1 + 2
    - Step Edit Mode (Edit your Sequence step by step)
    - Note Edit Mode (8-Octave Piano-Roll)
    - Tap Recording
    - Step Shifting
    - Note Shifting
    - Drum Kits Full version: 909, S09, 808, 707, 606/CR8000, 505, RZ-1, Electro, Linn, Rock
    - Drum Kits Demo version: 909, Electro
    - a small collection of vocals, synth fx, and bass sounds
    - Free and paid Sample Pack Add-Ons available on Google Play
    - Fill-In function (each Track)
    - Pattern Set (Live Arranger) for 16 concurrent Patterns
    - Song Mode (Chain up to 99 Pattern changes to a Song)
    - Song Edit (Edit your Song step by step)
    - WAV Audio Export in various formats
    - User Samples Support: samples in WAV or AIFF format
    - Tablet optimized Layout
    - Portrait Mode for 5 inch and bigger screens
    - Customizable Layout
    - Multi-Touch enabled
    - SoundCloud Upload Integration (full version)
    - Supports App2Sd
    Minimum recommended device specs:
    1000 MHz processor
    800 * 480 screen resolution
    Headphones or external speakers
    SoundCloud App installed (optional for SoundCloud upload)
    Check out the free demo before buying the full version
    Read phone state/identity: for license checking (full version only)
    SdCard read/write: to read samples and to save Patterns, etc.
    If you have any problems, please mail me at the address below
    Tags: Drum Computer, IDM, Vintage Drums, Mobile Music Making, Music Creation Tool

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    cjw67, Dr. Med. Den Rasen und willyT gefällt das.

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