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Finanzen Fuel Log Evo - Vehicle Cost Management

Dieses Thema im Forum "Apple Apps" wurde erstellt von mariomoskau, 13. Juni 2013.

  1. mariomoskau

    mariomoskau Elite Lord Supporter

    26. Januar 2010
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    Fuel Log Evo - Vehicle Cost Management

    Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Erfordert iOS 5.0 oder neuer. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    Worried by the high gas prices? What MPG can your car really do?
    Easily monitor and track vehicle fuel usage and costs and maintenance with Fuel Log Evo.
    Install it now!

    • Track fuel, maintenance and all costs and expenses
    • Choose between Metric, Imperial and US Units
    • Get reminded when a service is due
    • Statistics: see where the mileage is going
    • Multiple vehicles
    • Intuitive and easy entry of the refills: Just type the digits, we do the dots for you
    • Add Notes: Did you check the oil and the tires while at the pump? Add a note as a reminder for you
    • Found an old fuel receipt? Just insert it, the app will do the sorting for you
    • Share your data

    Download Fuel Log Evo if you like to see how much you spend.

    Please update your reviews for the new version. Your excellent reviews enable us to keep new free updates coming!

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    Version: 4.0.16
    Größe: 1.4 MB

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