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    Find Email Address_v2.6

    23. Juli 2013


    Thank you for all the positive feedback I receive per email!
    The idea of helping people to find each other makes me very happy.
    Find almost any email address with this application by only entering a persons name.
    Is there somebody you met recently, from your childhood, family, school, friends or university you want to contact or see again, but don't know her or his email address?
    This application will help you!
    Based on multiple sophisticated mechanisms the Internet is scanned for email addresses that match the person you are looking for.
    The domains to be scanned are looked up from a vast and growing database and there are even user defined domains and filters applicable.
    Easy find email addresses with this android application. Find someones email address by entering his name.

    -Email address variation
    -Sir and full name initials email address variation
    -Email address variation with name and user defined seperators (._*)
    -Vast domain database
    -Search within a user defined domain
    -Use a domain filter for email addresses
    -Use a SMTP module to validate email addresses
    -Set the SMTP senders email address
    -Use SMTP connection pooling
    -Check email address matches for false positives
    -Use a meta web search engine
    -Bulk email send to all found email addresses with one click
    Give a five star rating, send me an email to get one of my other apps for free!

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