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    File Manager - Folder Plus

    Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    "The ability to use multi touch to quickly move between viewing and editing files is also very good if you’re willing to utilize it." - Touch Reviews

    Folder Plus is an In-App Multitasking Capable File Manager/Viewer/Editor, with 3-Finger Swipes You Switch between Tasks of File Managing, Viewing, Editing, etc QUICKLY

    Folder Plus's Features
    - Total File Manager
    - Exclusive 3-Finger Task Switch
    - Lightning Fast USB File Transfer
    - Robust FTP/HTTP/WebDAV Sharing Server
    - Support Dropbox, more to come
    - Wide Range of Supported File Types
    - Document Reader
    - Text Editor
    - Audio Recorder
    - Simple Image Editor
    - Media Player
    - Structured Directory Browsing
    - View Restore of Long Documents
    - Zip Archiver (compress & decompress, secure with password encryption)
    - Long Press to Bring up Context Menu
    - Multiple Files/Folders Operations
    - Attach Files/Folders to Emails
    - Search
    - Auto Recovery of Editing Documents
    - Passcode Security
    - WiFi Authentication (FTP/HTTP/WebDAV)
    - User Account Manager (FTP/HTTP/WebDAV)
    - Send Files as Email Attachments
    - Open Files in Compatible Apps (iBooks, ...)
    - Open Supported Files Requested by Other Apps (Safari, Mail Attachments, ...)
    - Portrait/Landscape Support
    - Support Translation for Selected Text When Reading Documents (PDF, DOC, PAGES)
    - Support Thumbnails
    - Support AirPrint

    Supported File Types
    - PDF Files
    - Microsoft Office Files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
    - iWork Files (Pages, Numbers and Keynote)
    - Image Files (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PSD)
    - HTML Files
    - Web Archives
    - Plain Text Files
    - Audio Files (MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, WAVE, AIFF, CAF)
    - Video Files (QuickTime, MP4, M4V, MPV)
    - Archive Files (.zip/.cbz, .rar/.cbr, .7z/.cb7; handle passwords, splits)

    Supported File Operations
    - Folder/Sub-Folder Creation
    - Text File Creation/Editing
    - Image File Creation/Editing
    - Audio Recording Creation
    - Take Photos & Video
    - Import Photos & Video from the Photos App
    - Export Photos & Video to the Photos App
    - Open as Text File
    - Move/Copy/Zip/Email/Delete on Single/Multiple File(s)/Folder(s)
    - Folder Merge during Copying/Moving
    - View File/Folder Properties
    - Rename Files/Folders
    - Search Files/Folders
    - Search within Search

    USB Transfer Client
    - Folder Plus USB

    Recommended FTP Clients
    - Cyberduck
    - Filezilla
    - Windows Explorer

    Recommended WebDAV Clients
    - Mac OS X's Finder
    - Windows Explorer
    - Cyberduck

    Recommended Browser for Web Transfer
    - Chrome
    - Safari
    - Firefox

    * All listed clients/browsers can be thought of file manager apps as well running on desktop to manage the files off device

    WiFi Transfer Requirements
    A WiFi connection is required to transfer document files between Folder Plus and FTP/HTTP/Web clients

    More features are on the way


    Version: 2.1.3
    Größe: 6 MB

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