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Produktivität ExcelSMS - Group Text from Excel

Dieses Thema im Forum "Apple Apps" wurde erstellt von mariomoskau, 23. Mai 2013.

  1. mariomoskau

    mariomoskau Elite Lord Supporter

    26. Januar 2010
    Punkte für Erfolge:
    ExcelSMS - Group Text from Excel

    Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPod touch und iPad. Erfordert iOS 4.3 oder neuer. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.


    ExcelSMS is the most efficient way to send group messages. You can add recipient names and phone numbers in an Excel file. You can enter static or personalized text messages right in the Excel spreadsheet. For example, if you enter “Hi {first name}, ...” in a message, the app will take the first name of the recipients and personalize the message, generating text such as “Hi David, …” , “Hi Michael, …”…

    You can use an Excel spreadsheet again without editing the spreadsheet on your computer. You can just pick an Excel file, type in a quick message and send it. It is similar to sending a message to a group.

    ExcelSMS is also an easy way to send text messages to the contacts on your iPhone. Just pick groups or individual contacts, type in a static or personalized message and send it.

    Who uses ExcelSMS ?
    1) Small Businesses
    2) Religious Groups
    3) Retail
    4) Nightlife - Bars & Nightclubs
    5) Restaurants
    6) Banks/Financial Institutions
    7) Insurance Companies
    8) Event Marketers (With hundreds (or even thousands) of people attending your events)
    9) Traditional Media
    10) Schools
    11) Social Groups
    12) Real Estate

    With ExcelSMS you can :
    1. Import group SMS from an Excel file via USB/WiFi/Email.
    2. Create your own groups in an Excel spreadsheet and send messages to them.
    3. Send unsent messages . If the app is terminated while sending group SMS, the sending task will be continued next time you launch the app..
    4. Insert tags ({nickname},{firstname},{lastname},{nickname},{company} etc) in your text message in order to create personalized messages. When you use this function, each message has a personal touch. For example:
    Dear {firstname}, Welcome to our dinner party.
    5. Use MS Excel 2003 / 2007 / 2010 , , Apple Numbers or any other Excel-compatible applications to create your group text messages. Be sure to save as an Excel 97-2003 Workbook.
    6. Export an Excel template , and use it to create your own Excel file.
    7. Send SMS to as many recipients as you need within your Excel file
    8. Limit the number of recipients per message. The app will split a large message into multiple separate messages.
    9. Create a formatted Excel file easily. The file can contain only two columns : Mobile and Message. You can find more example spreadsheets on the app’s website.
    10. Create flexible group SMS in your spreadsheet.
    For example “{family} Family – Practice Tomorrow at 5pm for little {kidname}!” becomes “David Family – Practice Tomorrow at 5pm for little Johnny!”. The names change over and over again.
    11. Import SMS templates from an Excel file via USB/WiFi
    12. Export SMS templates to an Excel file via USB/WiFi/Email. You can share your SMS templates with others.
    13. Create / Rename / Delete template groups , move SMS templates to/from a group
    14. Create / Rename / Delete contact groups, move contacts to/from a group.
    15. Allow contacts to be members of multiple groups. That means a person can belong to multiple groups. You can assign several contact groups to one person.
    16. Find a way to send messages without user interaction, please contact to for details.

    The lite version allow you to send 20 messages each time, The full version has no limit.

    IMPORTANT NOTE : If you send group sms on iOS 5.x or 6.x, you have to turn OFF iMessage, Group Messaging and MMS in the phone settings.

    Please check the setting of "Group Messaging" on the iPhone settings. If the option is available, set it to OFF (yes OFF) to be able to send to large groups. If it's on, the iPhone will try to send MMS instead of SMS and will fail to send to large groups.


    Version: 2.4.5
    Größe: 2.4 MB
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